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Hiring a roofer? Make sure they are covered with roofers insurance

Why should you get roofers insurance before starting with your roofing project?

When you are on a project of fixing or remodelling your roof, and hired a roofer, then it is important to get protected by roofers insurance in case someone gets injured. There are things you should also be aware of and that is to be fooled or tricked by roofers or roofing companies making you think that they already have insurance that will protect you. Here is a list of things some roofers or roofing companies use to trick you:

  1. Giving or showing you a certificate of their insurance but it might not even be in force and can also be fake.
  2. They sometimes show you a policy with a name that is different to the name of the roofer on your contract.
  3. Your contractor might have an insurance policy but does not cover roofing.

Some contractors do such things to avoid spending too much on insurance and have declared to be a general contractor by putting “roofing and reconstruction” on their general contractor insurance and this makes them save more money. What happens if they do this is your insurance company will no longer cover you once they find out that a claim is made by a contractor specialising in roofing. However, if you do get a professional contractor, they will usually give you complete information of their insurance company and agent so you can verify if a policy is indeed in force and if it covers roofing.

What you should do is give your contractor a call and ask for roofers insurance. Keep in mind that you should not accept a letter or a certificate from the roofer as proof of their roofers insurance. Nobody is exempted from having insurance especially for roofers; they need to have roofers insurance for your protection as their client.

To avoid this kind of problem, hire get comments and suggestions from your neighbors and friends or if they can give you a professional contractor who they’ve worked with before and was able to deliver well, then it would be better.

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Written by: Tom Hester
Tom has worked in the insurance industry since 2005, where he has become a source of knowledge. He’s gained a reputation as a writer. He has published a series of ebooks about insurance, like “A complete guide for Contractors Insurance and Handyman Insurance” and “Understanding Builders Risk Insurance.”