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What is A CG 20 10 Additional Insured

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The Endorsement I Have Just Been Asked For? You are negotiating a large new contract, and the owner requests that you provide them a certificate of insurance naming them as additional insured. You might wonder, can I get that and …

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Legal Liability

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Legal Fees And Their Effect On Your Insurance Policy Limits. Every business owner knows that the Country is in the grip of liability lawsuits mania. The number of lawsuits against small businesses has skyrocketed in the last ten years. No …

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Subcontractor vs Contractor: The Difference Explained

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You may have heard the terms “contractor” and “subcontractor” interchangeably used. Often, these terms simply mean a hired person to complete a job. In the construction industry, however, these terms mean very different things and should not be mixed up for one …

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