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Whether you’re a roofer, carpenter, plumber, piano tuner, or any type of contractor, we can get you cost-effective policies that work for your business.

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What is Contractors Liability Insurance?

Contractors liability insurance protects you and your team members and your business, from unexpected financial loss.

Bodily Injury icon

Bodily Injury

Injuries of other people at your business or on your client’s property.

Medical Payments Icon

Medical Payments

Payment of medical expenses to a person injured on the job.

Advertising Injury icon

Advertising Injury

Damages caused to a person or business as a result of advertising.

Property Damage icon

Property Damage

Damage to the property under construction or related damages.

If you or your business is held responsible for damages that occur to a third party like an individual or building property, you would personally be required to cover the entire cost of the injuries and damages.

Accidents happen, protect your business

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(866) 225-1950 (English)

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Learn About Coverage Options

Watch this video and learn about General Liability Insurance policies and the differences between other types of policies. You’ll also learn about the specialized endorsements you may need like…

Ebook ok Constractor Liability, Everything you need to know about.

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Learn the nuts and bolts of Contractors Insurance and how to protect your staff, your business and you.

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