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Landscaping Insurance

Landscaping trade has growing demand, especially for modern home and business owners who want a natural touch on their properties, but don’t want nature to necessarily take over.

Landscaping as a career comes with the risk of injury from a wide variety of potential hazards in this industry, including exposure to chemicals, noise, machinery, lifting, construction, and weather-related hazards. Landscapers trust their instincts and the wishes of their clients before literally moving earth and plant life.

Landscapers trust their instincts and the wishes of their clients before literally moving earth and plant life.
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What Is Landscaping Insurance?

Landscaping Insurance covers any incident of which you are at fault, that wrongs a third party. While the term “third party” doesn’t include your own workers, it includes anyone located on the property where you are working.

It’s important to insure anything that comes with inherent risks, and that’s why Contractors Liability is so committed to covering the people who cultivate our natural environments in something that much lovelier.

Landscaping Insurance covers any incident of which you are at fault, that wrongs a third party.
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Landscaping Insurance Cost

Landscaping is not necessarily as risky as other contracting careers, but that does not mean that landscapers should skimp on insurance. One of the things that make landscapers hesitate when it comes to obtaining insurance is the overall cost of the coverage. However, should a lawsuit be filed against them, having landscaper’s insurance could mean big savings when compared to the alternative? Here are some of the things insurance companies consider before create a personalized rate.

  • Your company’s accident history

    Accidents happen, even in landscaping. Insurance companies understand this, and they want to help you receive the best rate on your landscaping insurance. Having many accidents doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a high rate, but insurance companies will stress that you fully disclose such information.

  • The age of your company

    New companies don’t need to fear about receiving a higher rate, their status as a new company does not exclusively determine their rates. But the age of a company does play a role in determining the rate of your insurance policy.

  • Your credit history

    Credit is not everything, but it is something that insurance companies consider before handing out policies.

  • Your employees

    Companies that employ people on a long-term basis, as well as companies with highly skilled employees, are considered more easily insurable. Insurance companies like to see a consistent track record when it comes to businesses hiring employees who care about their jobs.

    After all, a great landscaping job starts with a passion for the work itself.

Do you have a golden combination of these traits, but need to find an insurance policy that addresses your needs and wishes? You’re on the right path. Make sure to contact Contractors Liability with your questions. Do you have further questions that need answering, or are you worried about your insurance rate because of these terms? We can help with that, too.

Landscaping Insurance Rates And Coverage

This table displays typical rates and coverage for Landscaping General Liability for $1 Million/$2 Million Policy.

State Coverage Guard Travelers Liberty Mutual Attune Nation Wide Tokio Marine
IL 1M/2M $950 $1100 $900 $1120 $925 $825
IN 1M/2M $865 $1065 $840 $1042 $860 $825
CA 1M/2M $1044 $1300 $898 $1200 $1994 $1200
PA 1M/2M $795 $1065 $750 $1000 $785 $825
WA 1M/2M $800 $1065 $750 $950 $971 $900
GA 1M/2M $735 $1065 $705 $930 $691 $825
CO 1M/2M $735 $1065 $691 $940 $796 $825
TX 1M/2M $771 $1000 $711 $900 $765 $800

Annual premium above includes unlimited certificates of insurance.

Rating assumes 150,000 gross revenues for Landscaping/general contracting with 10% subcontractor costs.

Premium are subject to underwriting approval and financing charges may apply.

How Can I Lower My Landscaping Insurance Rate?

Most landscaping insurance is dependent on a mix of information about your company, which means that insurance companies will almost always provide your company with the best rate. However, if you need more insurance coverage than just landscaping insurance (most companies do), insurers like Contractors Liability can help bundle rate-saving packages together, getting you the most coverage for your money.

Landscaping is hard work. Let us reward your commitment to bringing beauty back into nature with the coverage you deserve. For more information about how to get yourself covered, call us at (866) 225-1950.

Landscaping is hard work. Let us reward your commitment to bringing beauty back into nature with the coverage you deserve.

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What Does Landscaping Insurance Cover?

Because landscaping often covers immense public areas, its important to factor in the possibility of third parties walking on site and potentially getting hurt.

However, as a specified type of general liability insurance, there is a lot more that is covered under this policy than just bodily injury. Below, we have provided a list of some of the more common types of coverage under landscaping insurance and some examples of how they might apply to your line of work.

  • Injuries to the Body:

    Injuries that cause physical harm to a third party on your worksite.

    Example: A third party accidentally walks in the path of someone who is weed whacking and a stone flies up and hits them in the face. They need hospital care and dental work as a result.

  • Damages to the Property:

    Any sort of action taken against the property that results in long-term harm to the aesthetics or function of the property.

    Example: You cut down a grove of trees and fail to provide a replacement shade for them, which goes against the original wishes of the property owner.

  • Personal Injury:

    Any injury made to the reputation of a third party based on the negative effects of the work you’ve done.

    Example: Your company laid fish-based fertilizer in a client’s garden bed that is adjacent to an outdoor café. The smell of the fertilizer caused a lull in sales to the outdoor café.

  • Advertising Injury:

    This sort of injury originates from an advertisement you released pulling business away from competing companies.

    Example: Your company’s fliers have been put up over the fliers of competition all around town. This is causing your competition to lose money.

  • Medical Payments:

    This covers the medical bills of a third party caused by a landscaper’s error.

    Example: A client is visiting the site and sustains an injury because some of the equipment you’ve been working with was not stored properly.

Reputation Matters

Our customers trust us for great customer service and cost-effective coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are common questions about Landscaping Insurance.

Landscaping insurance is a specialized form of general liability insurance, which means that third parties unassociated with your company are covered by this insurance. For insurance that covers your own employees, talk with an agent at Contractors Insurance about a package that includes Workers Compensation.

In most states, it is punishable by fine or even the loss of your right to work if you cannot provide adequate proof of some form of general liability insurance prior to a job. However, many clients will not let you start work on a job without proof of liability insurance, even if they’re located in states that do not mandate general liability insurance. If you need it, you might as well get it personalized, which is why getting landscaping-specific insurance is often the best bet.

Contractors Liability is a well-established company with a proven track record for excellence and a commitment to ensuring handymen, contractors, and landscapers alike. We understand that customized companies need customized coverage, and that’s why we offer:

  • Customizable plans that offer coverage for claims specific to the landscaping trade.
  • Knowledgeable, licensed insurance agents with an understanding of the intricacies and inherent risks of landscaping.
  • Affordable prices that don’t skimp on coverage.
  • A-rated insurance policies from insurance companies that are trustworthy and well-known.
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