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Get proactive and improve your business from home with our advice on insurance for Wisconsin framers.  Today, 90% of Americans are in some form of lockdown.  It’s particularly tough in the framing business.  It’s difficult work to perform while social distancing. With 11,000 companies nationwide suffering these same setbacks, your best move is to stay safe and work on your business.  That way, once lockdown is over, you can come back more competitive than ever!

6 Top Tips on Insurance for Wisconsin Framers

     1.  Reconsider Liability Premiums


A minimum $1,000,000-per-incident General Liability coverage is required for Wisconsin contractors. It sounds high, but increasing it may actually save you money.  Due to the scale and the dependence of the rest of the structure on framing, risk is high. Small mistakes can incur massive losses.  Increasing your coverage raises the premium, but could save you huge amounts.  Especially if you face several incidents. At Contractors Liability we guarantee a fast turnaround on your quote.  So you can find out quickly how well this insurance for Wisconsin framers could work for you.


  1. Consider Commercial Auto

The Wisconsin DOT recorded 113,736 car accidents in 2018. No matter how careful you are, Commercial Auto is worthwhile insurance for Wisconsin framers.  This is because your risk is extra-high.  After all, you’re frequently driving from site-to-site, with heavy materials in tow. Make sure you’re protected.

3. Check Your Workers Comp

Construction results in 71% more injury than other industries and accounts for 51% of US workplace falls. As a framer, you are often high up, so this risk exposure is even greater.  Wisconsin law says you need Workers Comp for any employees. You can even protect yourself from hospital bills and lost wages.

      4. Builder’s Risk Insurance for Wisconsin Framers is Vital

It may seem more like a general contractor’s policy, but Builder’s Risk insurance for framers is essential too. Many clients won’t hire you without it. Framers are exposed to the elements. Wind, rain and lightning each pose a risk when you operate at height and outdoors, with wood and metal.  If you haven’t already, lockdown is the perfect chance to look into this coverage.

     5. Customized Builder’s Risk

The beauty of Builder’s Risk is its adaptability. For instance, these turbulent times show that an ‘Interruption of Business’ extension could benefit your framing company hugely.


Some keen extensions to Builder’s Risk insurance for Wisconsin framers are:
  • Pollution Cleanup – So much wood means a higher risk of mold. Extraction costs can be huge, but this extension covers it.
  • Temporary Structures$1 billion of property is stolen from US construction sites annually. With so much scaffolding on-site, framers face a high risk.
  •  Delayed Completion – Since framers are commonly given lower-quality documents, you could face frustrating losses from work you expected to finish sooner.

Contractors Liability has experts specializing in Builder’s Risk insurance for Wisconsin framers.  We’ll help you chisel out the perfect policy for your company.

6. Get in Contact With the Best Agents

Now’s the time to upgrade insurance for Wisconsin framers. The lockdown won’t last forever. With state construction growing through 2018 and 2019, there should be plenty of work.
Contractors Liability has an A+ rating with BBB, and thousands of five-star reviews. We’re an excellent choice to help redesign your policy and come out of the slump strong.

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