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How To Protect Your Roofers Profits In Montgomery, AL

How do you protect your roofers profits in Montgomery, AL?  With a good Builder’s Risk insurance policy – that’s how!  The Alabama construction sector remains robust. Over 1400 single family housing units’ permits were issued in the first two months of 2020 in your state. 150 of these permits were issued in the Montgomery metro area. This is welcome news for roofing contractors like yourself looking to grow your construction business.

But, you don’t just want to  grow your roofing business. You want to protect your roofers profits so your business remains strong and competitive.  In this article, let’s take a look at how getting the right Builder’s Risk in Montgomery, AL will do just that!

Builder’s Risk For Roofers

As a roofing contractor, you take the necessary steps to reduce factors that might eat into your income. One of the measures you can take to protect your roofers profits are observing the right safety measures on the job site. You probably work with quality materials and experienced laborers to deliver excellent work and maintain a credible reputation.  But what about when the unexpected occurs? Is your roofing contractor business prepared for that? Getting coverage for Builder’s Risk in Montgomery, AL adds another layer of protection.  Builder’s Risk insurance can protect your business from losses and damages due to extreme weather conditions, theft, vandalism and fire, amongst others.

Insuring Against Severe Weather in Montgomery, AL

Geographical location plays a role in determining the Builder’s Risk coverage needed for your roofing business. Since Builders Risk protects against damages or losses from certain severe weather events, it’s advisable to insure against those common to your area.

We recommend that you talk to your insurance agent about hurricane and tornado coverage for Builder’s Risk in Montgomery, AL. The Montgomery metro area experiences an average of 40 thunderstorm winds, 3 floodings, and 12 hail events every year. This area is also considered higher risk for tornadoes compared to the Alabama State and U.S national averages. However, wildfires and earthquakes are extremely rare in this area.

Builder’s Risk Policy Extensions

A consultation with our insurance agents will inform you about the Builder’s Risk extensions you might need for Montgomery, AL.  Our agents will advise you on the probable damages or loss to insure against. And what extensions will best protect your roofing business. For example, an extension on your coverage might cater to the removal of debris such as tree branches from the roof. Without Builder’s Risk, this is an expense that would eat into your roofers profits if you paid out of your own pocket.

Policy Extension Benefits

Additional benefits you can gain from extensions on Builder’s Risk in Montgomery, AL are:

  1. Protection against lost profits resulting from cost overruns or delays due to a covered damage or loss
  2. Compensation for soft costs such as legal, financial and architectural fees incurred after a covered damage or loss
  3. Contamination clean-up occurring because of a covered damage or loss
  4. Compensation for additional expenses incurred because of changes in building ordinances or laws during construction
  5. Compensation for damage to or loss of materials stored off-site

Protect Your Roofers Profits With Builder’s Risk

Your roofing contractor business will benefit from a consultation on Builder’s Risk in Montgomery, AL.  Our knowledgeable insurance professionals will give you the advice you need to get the coverage you require. Contact Contractors Liability Insurance today. Call 888-819-1228 for a free quote within the hour.

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Written by: John Brown
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