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The main reason you took up a roofing insurance policy in the first place is most likely to be protected against unforeseen risks. But getting your insurer to pay quickly for any damage could be rather difficult if things are not done appropriately. Here are five steps you can follow to file a roofing insurance claim.

1. Check documents and capture images

The first thing you need to do soon after damage to your roof is to check that the particular damage, given your roof’s previous state, is covered in your policy. If it is, you should take pictures of the damage that can help speed up your claim process. You should note down the date on which the damage occurred. If the damage was caused by an extreme weather condition, it may be helpful to have things that can serve as proofs such as a report in a local newspaper.

Roofing Insurance

2. Find a roofing company

You now need to find a reliable and professional roofing company that can help you assess the state of your roof better after damage. The company should provide you with estimate costs of repair work to be done. If you feel a complete roof replacement is required, you should have the roofing contractor indicate in the estimate how much that could cost.

3. File your claim

You can do this by yourself or get your agent to help out with the process. By calling the claims department of your insurer directly, you are assumed to be filling a claim, whether that is the purpose of your call or not. So you should be prepared for questions that would be asked on the nature of damage. This is why it will be helpful to get information from your agent on the process to be followed.

4. Make arrangement for an adjuster’s visit

An adjuster will be assigned to you by your insurance company. You should make necessary arrangement for him to come and assess the damage done to your roof. It is advisable to have your chosen contractor on ground whenever the adjuster comes visiting. This will enable your roofer discuss with the adjuster as regards extent of damage.

5. Do necessary work

You can now arrange for your roofing contractor to start work immediately after receiving your check. In some cases, checks are given in two installments. The first check is arrived at by removing depreciation and deductibles from estimates prepared. Once the work is completed, you can have your roofer prepare a final invoice to be sent to your insurer for the release of depreciation as a second check, if you qualify for such.