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6 Essential To-do’s Before Signing a Roofing Contract for Your Home or Small Business

There is nothing better than working with a reliable company on any home improvement projects such as roofing. However, it could be tough sometimes finding such companies if you have no idea of how. Here are six essential things you need to do before signing a roofing contract for your home or small business.

1. Search for several companies

It is advisable to reach out to more than one roofing company before putting pen to paper. You can search online for some companies and form a short list. Family, friends and associates could also be asked for recommendations. Whatever source you choose for developing, you can check the reputation of your potential contractor through information from Better Business Bureau (BBB) and trade associations as well as reviews in online business directories.

6 Essential To-do's Before Signing a Roofing Contract for Your Home or Small Business

2. Assess the companies or contractors

Now that you have a list of companies you will probably like to do business with, you should proceed to evaluate them more closely. This will involve you paying them visits to evaluate the quality of their services. You may be interested in finding out how long a roofing company has been in business and its qualifications. Your needs should also be discussed with these companies. It is relevant to also find out how knowledgeable a company or contractor is about latest development in the industry, as regards types of products available in the market.

3. Request for Roof Inspection

You may need to get quotes and make comparison in relation to quality of service offered by the shortlisted companies. To get realistic quotes, you should request for a roof inspection to determine the extent of work to be done.

4. Ask about schedule

It is important to confirm the length of time your project will take to avoid issues later on. A definite schedule for work helps to ensure deadlines are kept without unnecessary delays.

5. Confirm insurance

You also want to a ensure your roofing contractor carries necessary insurance  before signing a contract with them. Accidents can happen in the course of a roofing project and you sure do not want to be involved in lawsuits that could result. You should confirm liability and workers compensation policies have been taken care of.

6. Fully understand your contract

A contract is a legal agreement enforceable in a law court. You should endeavor to fully understand a roofing contract for your home or small business before signing. You should retain a copy of the contract for personal reference.

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