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Legal Liability

Principal Image of Legal Liability in Contractors Liability

Legal Fees And Their Effect On Your Insurance Policy Limits. Every business owner knows that the Country is in the grip of liability lawsuits mania. The number of lawsuits against small businesses has skyrocketed in the last ten years. No …

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The Pros and Cons of Builder’s Risk Policies

worker taking notes

Contractors are increasingly turning to Builder’s Risk policies to protect their investment.  A five-year period ending 2018 saw builders file claims totaling $8.8bn. This number will increase further in the coming years due to labor dynamics and more frequent natural …

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Risk Retention Groups (Explanation)

Principal Banner of Risk Retention Groups Explanation

Contractors Liability: What is a risk retention group? The Liability Risk Retention Act (LRRA) is a federal law that was passed by Congress in 1986 to help U.S. businesses, professionals, and municipalities obtain contractors liability insurance, which had become either …

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