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Insurance for on-duty injuries and death will cover the expenses when injury or worse happens on your construction site. Statistics show that 17% of workplace deaths are due to slips, falls and trips. This is one of the many reasons why the construction industry is at the top of the list of claims for workplace injuries. 

Your insurance for on-duty injuries and death will cover the costs that result from such events. Workers are daily in dangerous situations in the construction industry. You know that even though security measures are in place, accidents still happen.

The high-risk environment on a construction site

Working on a construction site can have detrimental consequences for your health, that is why insurance for on-duty injuries and death is important.

  1. Working at dangerous heights is often the case in a large construction project. Still, falling from any height can cause serious bodily harm or even death. Your onsite safety officers will put safety precautions in place according to industry standards. Sometimes workers ignore these precautions and this can cause injury.
  2. Moving objects is another risk-inducing factor on construction sites. These can vary from moving machinery to large construction vehicles that have obstructed visibility.
  3. Falls, slips and trips are very likely in conditions where workers are on scaffolding. Construction sites also have a fair number of tripping risks. Negligence can contribute to injuries from these kinds of incidents.

As a professional in the field, you are fully aware of all the risks that are present on every corner on your site. You also know that regardless of adhering to the most extreme security precautions, accidents still take place regularly.

4 Things covered by reliable Workers Compensation insurance

You should inform your Workers Compensation insurance provider immediately when there was an incident on your site that resulted in injury. This allows for fast processing of claims.

  1. The medical expenses of an injury can increase quickly depending on the kind of injury. Your worker might need surgery or an extended stay in the hospital. Workers Compensation insurance settles these bills.
  2. Loss of income due to an injury can result in financial strain on your employee. After an injury, your worker might not be able to return to duty for days or much longer. You can discuss with your insurance agent what percentage of wages your policy covers. This is one of the benefits when you have insurance for on-duty injuries and death.
  3. Employer’s liability is another element of insurance for on-duty injuries and death that will cover you against the legal costs of lawsuits. When a worker claims that an injury was due to negligence on the management’s side, this can lead to a lawsuit.
  4. The worst-case scenario is when your insurance has to take care of death benefits. This will include funeral costs and financial support to the deceased’s family.

You are aware of the risks involved in your industry. Become familiar with the cover that you will get from your Workers Compensation insurance and have one less matter of concern.

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