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Ten Things to Weld and Sell

Ten Things to Weld and SELL

What do you do for those times when you’re all rested up with no new job to work?


Do it yourself (DIY) art pieces or handy gadgets are in – so why not take advantage?

I did a quick survey on Facebook with a few thousand of my friends to find out what some American’s would buy custom made from a Welder. There are some pretty good ideas in this article so read on.

  1. Adjustable Pot Rack

My mom said she would want one that moves up and down. My Aunt Betty was devouring a plate of nachos at the time and said it depends on what kind of pot. I think they both have a good idea. A small, cool box might be easier.

  1. Curvy Artistic Shower Curtain

My artist friend Marshella suggested this one. If you’re like me, you may be thinking “wouldn’t that make the curtain bunch up where the curve dips?” Then I figured she must have meant a soft, elegant curve that follows the perimeter of the basin. After I went through some of her posts, I noticed she was eating the same nachos my aunt Betty loves so much, so I think she really did mean curves that go up and down. In your shop you get to be king, so it’s up to you.

  1. An Indestructible Mail Box

My friend Matt lives in a neighborhood with a lot of drinkers. Every Monday there’s at least 1 mailbox scattered across the lawn between some skid marks. I think he actually drove into his own box last weekend. I went on a search for some good how to links. Man. What a rabbit hole. Five hundred pictures of mailboxes and a few crummy youtube videos later I decided you could probably figure out how to make a box on a post. But I did find this cool clock!

  1. Steel Beam for a Seismic Retrofit

An old school buddy posted this idea. He lives in San Fransisco now, so I thought he was talking about some kind of wand to complete an outfit for pride week. Turns out there really is a need for this important item in homes built over faultlines. Watch for a future post…

  1. Aerated Plant Underliners

Aunt Betty again.

  1. Beautiful Dish Rack.

My friend Dawn wants this made from stainless steel. Her plastic one falls apart “every year.” I don’t know what kind of dishes she’s washing, I’ve had my plastic one for years. But it is an eye sore. If you take on the curvy, artsy shower rod, you might make notes for towel rods and dish racks while you’re at it.

  1. Refrigerator Shelf

Dawn again. She has a lot of kids. Apparently they don’t care what happens in the fridge. But in their defense, refrigerators can waste a lot of space, and a small washable shelf should be fairly easy to make.

  1. A Magical Chandelier

This bright idea was posted by my creative friend Suzy. Seems complicated. A visit from Aunt Betty might be easier, but a more lasting solution is possible.  A cool lighting solution could be really popular.

  1. A Dog Bed

This idea was posted by my friend Joe. He actually wanted a cat bed but I edited since I’m a dog man. The advantage of a welded steel dog bed might be that they don’t pull it all over the house, although my pit bull Gracie would probably disagree. Or if you’d rather make a cat bed, you could elevate it and make a cozy nook. Just leave room for a plush cushion.

  1. Picture Frames!!!

Who’da thunk. This one came up more than once. My mom has pics of her kids and grandkids all over the place. Betty too, but a few of her frames still have the store photos in them.  Construction guys don’t usually get a Christmas bonus. This could be a way to sell easily made stuff for the holidays and make your own…

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