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Welcome to Contractors Liability

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Finding Insurance doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Stop worrying about your coverage and start working with a peace of mind with We take the stress out of finding the right insurance coverage for you so you can get back to work. It’s easy! Once you enter your information for a quote, we automatically find the best and most affordable contractors insurance to meet your needs. We provide same day service, so you can get insured fast. It’s time you get the coverage you need to protect yourself from unexpected accidents out of your control. Click here to get your contractors liability quote.

What is Contractors Insurance?

Contractors liability is an essential coverage to protect you from unexpected financial loss. In the case where you are held responsible for damages that occur to a third party, you will be required to cover the cost of the injuries and damages. General Contractors Liability Insurance will provide protection in covering the cost of damages and legal defense expenses.

Contractors Liability Insurance provides coverage in the following areas:

Bodily Injury:

This includes injury to other persons at your business or on your client’s property.

Property Damage:

This includes damage to the property under construction.

Personal Injury:

This includes any damages to a person or business reputation.

Advertising Injury:

This includes damages caused to a person or business as a result of your advertising.

Medical Payments:

This includes payment of medical expenses to a person injured on the construction site.

There is also coverage for independent contractors or subcontractors that you have hired or partnered with. This will cover any damages that they may cause to a third party.

Who Will the Liability Insurance Cover?

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Contractors liability will cover anyone who is responsible for a construction site or building project.

Here are 5 areas of contractors insurance:

General Contractors Insurance

If you are a contractor, you are  not covered by employment laws. To protect yourself you need General Contractors Liability insurance (GCL). Although it is not required in all states, some clients will still want to see that you have insurance.

Worker’s Compensations Insurance

If you are a contractor and manage one or more employees, you are required to have worker’s compensations insurance to protect your employees. Unless you are living in Texas, you must have worker’s compensation.

Other Contractors Insurance

There are specialized insurance types for the following kinds of work:

Why do I need Contractor’s Liability Insurance?

Contractor’s Liability Insurance is a requirement for both sole proprietors and corporations. Although you may bid for contractor’s work without proof of insurance in some cases, you are required to show your insurance before the time of work.

In most states, you are not allowed to operate without insurance, even if your client does not request it. Contractors insurance is a necessity to run a successful business.

What is the Cost of Contractors Liability Insurance

Every contractor has different needs and exposures surrounding work. That is why it is important that you get a quote to find the exact cost for your situation. There is no specific price.

You can shop around for different rates and packages, but here at we do all the shopping for you.


two clients getting their contractors insurance from contractors liability focuses exclusively on liability insurance for builders, contractors and sub-contractors to ensure the best quality service and attention to your personal satisfaction and protection.

You Can Expect:

Fast Same Day Service

Get our fast same day service so you can get on with your work.

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You don’t have to worry about getting the best insurance to meet your contractors needs. We suggest the best contractors insurance to suit your individual needs.

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We help you keep money in your pocket by connecting you with the best rates and helping you protect yourself from loss do to unexpected circumstances, accidents, and injuries.

Full Service Shopping

There’s no need for you to spend hours researching general contractors insurance. Let us save you the time and do the work for you. Wen you get a quote, we search for the best coverage and rates available.

Service you Can Trust

The reputation and integrity of are the most valuable assets that contribute to our success. Each employee is responsible for ensuring our business operates in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of integrity. We will help you get the contractors liability protection that’s right for you in order to protect you financially against costly claims and lawsuits.

Our Promise to You

We are experts in providing the best liability insurance for contractors and we strive to develop our association base through exploring propelling engineering, industry progressions and the fluctuating needs of our customers as our industry develops. We will constantly enhance our expertise set to recognize us and cultivate unwavering clients as we construct foundation and vitality ventures that enhance the personal satisfaction.