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If you own a landscaping business, there’s no doubt that you should be looking for best buy Contractors Liability insurance.


What is Contractors Liability insurance?

Contractors Liability Insurance steps in to pay claims when you lose a lawsuit with an injured party.  It could be physical damage to property or person or financial loss.  As a Landscaping Contractor, you and your employees are actively affecting changes to your clients’ property, often with dangerous equipment.

This makes you significantly more vulnerable to liability than a lot of other contractors.


Why are Landscape Contractors sued?

These days landscaping makes up a serious component of a property’s value.  Hence, this is true for an ordinary residence. It’s even more so for commercial property and housing estates.  In all of these cases, you could be dealing with a litigiously-minded client who aims to get his money’s worth and more.  A client or a third party that sues could mean the end of your business. It’s crucial to find the best Contractors Liability insurance to buy.


Why isn’t a contract enough to protect a Landscape Contractor?

An expert witness in the field explains that many Landscapers aren’t even aware that they owe their clients a duty of care and must adhere to standards regarded as satisfactory within the industrySituations dictated by field conditions they never contemplated also catch those who adhere to the rules. .

As a professional, expect to recognize and address unsafe conditions. Even where it’s not part of the work scope, warns the expert.  He gives the example of a tree with a dead, and potentially dangerous, overhanging branch.  A junior employee mowing the grass underneath may not notice it, or may not think to report it.  Or consider a pruning contract where you come across a diseased plant and later find yourself held responsible for its death.

What are your obligations to recognize and report the problem?


What are the most common reasons Landscape Contractors are sued?

More typical Landscapers’ liability cases include damage to the client’s property or adjoining property – the neighbor’s fence, for example.  Personal injury resulting from faulty or misused equipment. Or as a result of the workmanship itself, is another popular instigator of legal action.  Even financial damages caused by your advertising practices could result in a lawsuit.

Find the best Contractors Liability insurance to buy cover these damages and repairs, as well as any legal fees.  And that could mean the difference between bankruptcy and continued business.


Where can you get the best buy Contractors Liability insurance?

It’s important to understand that identifying the best Contractors Liability insurance to buy is something you should be doing no matter what the size of your business or area of specialty.  Hence, whether you’re a Landscape Architect, a Tree Trimmer, or Lawn-care Contractor, working on your client’s turf comes with risk.

But “best” doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive.  Contractors Liability specializes in Landscaping Contractors Liability. We can advise you on your business’s best buy Contractors Liability insurance.  Call Contractors Liability at 866-225-1950 for 1 minute quote!

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