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Roofing Insurance for Contractors in Arizona

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Contractors Liability offers customized policies for your Arizona roofing business, including various coverage options such as Commercial Auto, General Liability, Inland Marine, and Worker’s Compensation, among others. We are your easy, affordable, and untroubled insurance provider!

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Business Insurance for Roofers Contractors in Arizona

As a roofing contractor in Arizona, there is an inevitable level of risk involved in your field of work. Whether it’s working at heights or handling heavy machinery, accidents can happen on the job and have expensive consequences.

This is why insurance is so important for roofers. Not only protects you and your business from potential financial loss, but it also allows you to appeal to safe and responsible customers, which can help you attract new business. Let’s take a look at the various policies we offer for Arizona roofers.

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General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona

For Arizona contractors, general liability insurance is essential coverage, especially for those who work in the roofing industry, as it provides protection against bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury caused by business operations. By covering the costs of medical bills, legal fees, and damages, this insurance can help manage the financial impact of lawsuits filed by customers or third parties.

The policy can be customized to meet their specific needs. For example, a policy can be tailored to include coverage for completed operations, which protects against claims arising from work that has already been completed. Additionally, contractors can opt for higher limits of coverage to ensure they are adequately protected in case of a major claim.

Overall, General Liability Insurance is an essential coverage for roofing contractors in Arizona as it provides protection against a wide range of potential risks and liabilities. By investing in this type of insurance, contractors can have peace of mind knowing that they are covered in case of an unexpected incident or claim.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona

When it comes to Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona, it’s important to understand that it is mandatory in the state for all employers who have at least one employee, including full-time, part-time, and even family members who work for the business. This coverage is designed to provide benefits to employees who suffer a work-related injury or illness, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs.

The cost of Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona can vary depending on factors such as the size of the business, the number of employees, and the type of work being done. However, by law, the cost of Worker’s Compensation Insurance cannot be passed on to employees.

The cost of Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona can vary depending on factors such as the size of the business, the number of employees, and the type of work being done. However, by law, the cost of Worker’s Compensation Insurance cannot be passed on to employees.

It’s also worth noting that failure to obtain Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona can result in penalties, fines, and even legal action. In addition, not having this coverage can leave your business vulnerable to lawsuits and financial ruin.

To ensure proper coverage, it’s important to work with a reputable insurance provider who understands the unique needs of roofing contractors in Arizona and can help you find a policy that fits your budget and provides the necessary protection for your business and employees.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona

Commercial auto insurance is essential if you use a vehicle for business purposes in Arizona because it protects you in the event of an accident. This insurance will cover any damage to your vehicle as well as any injuries or damages that you may cause to others while driving for business. It is imperative to note that Arizona personal auto insurance policies do not extend coverage to business use, so it is necessary to purchase a separate commercial policy to ensure full protection.

When selecting a commercial auto insurance policy, roofing contractors should consider the level of coverage they need based on their business needs and the types of vehicles they own or operate. It’s important to review the policy limits, deductibles, and exclusions to ensure that the coverage meets the business’s specific needs.

Roofing contractors should also consider adding additional coverage options to their commercial auto insurance policy, such as comprehensive coverage or collision coverage.

Finally, contractors should ensure that all drivers of the commercial vehicles are properly trained and licensed, and that a thorough driver background check is conducted before they are allowed to operate the vehicle. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and minimize the likelihood of insurance claims.

Builder’s Risk Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona

Builder’s risk insurance for roofing contractors in Arizona is a property insurance policy that provides coverage during the construction of a building. While property owners may purchase this insurance, it is usually required for contractors. The policy covers damage caused by fire, hail, and other events, including damage caused by vehicles colliding with the building, theft, and vandalism. The amount of coverage is usually set as a percentage of the total cost of the building to ensure adequate protection. However, the duration of the policy is usually limited, and extensions to the construction schedule may not be allowed.

It’s important to note that builder’s risk insurance only covers specific perils, such as flooding for coastal buildings or earthquakes near a fault line if specifically stated. The policy does not cover injuries to employees, and workers’ compensation insurance is required by law and must be purchased separately. Understanding the exclusions in the policy is critical to ensuring adequate protection during the construction period.

Inland Marine Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona

Inland marine insurance is a type of coverage that protects property, goods, and equipment that are stored by a third party or in transit, including by road or rail. It is particularly important for Arizona businesses since many commercial property insurance policies only cover assets located on the company’s premises.

Therefore, businesses that transport goods or equipment, store goods off-site, or display expensive items at trade shows should strongly consider purchasing inland marine insurance to protect their belongings, especially when it comes to roofing supplies.

In addition to protecting goods in transit, inland marine insurance can also cover high-value equipment and demonstration models that a company brings to trade shows or that are owned by third parties but stored on the company’s premises.

Inland marine insurance is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of every roofing business, and we can provide expert guidance to help Arizona roofing contractors determine the right coverage for their organization.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Arizona

Commercial Umbrella Insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides additional coverage beyond the limits of a contractor’s primary liability policies, such as General Liability or Workers’ Compensation. It is designed to protect businesses from the financial consequences of catastrophic losses that exceed their primary policy limits.

This policy provides an extra layer of protection against costly lawsuits and damages that could exceed the coverage limits of your primary insurance policies. This can help safeguard your business from financial ruin in the event of a major claim or lawsuit, by providing coverage for a wide range of liability risks that roofing contractors may face in the course of their work. This can include:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury

The limits of Commercial Umbrella Insurance policies can vary depending on the needs of the contractor and the type of work they perform. It is important to work with an experienced insurance agent to determine the appropriate coverage limits for your business. Also, the cost of Commercial Umbrella Insurance will depend on several factors, including the size of your business, the types of risks you face, and the amount of coverage you need. However, it is generally more affordable than increasing the limits of your primary insurance policies.

Arizona ACORD Certificate

A Certificate of Insurance (COI), also known as an ACORD Insurance Certificate, is a brief document that confirms your company’s liability insurance coverage. It summarizes the key elements of your insurance policy and assures your customers and partners that your business is protected against potential liabilities.

Although not required by law, it is advisable to obtain an ACORD Certificate of Insurance and keep it up to date because it is widely recognized and accepted by insurance companies throughout the United States. Holding an ACORD Certificate of Insurance provides legal certainty and ensures that you can easily provide proof of insurance when required.

Your Arizona Roofers Insurance Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Contractors Liability

Almost every time roofing contractors in Arizona need $1.000.000 per occurrence and a $2.000.000 aggregate. 99% of the general liability policies we sell are like this.

In the state of Arizona, you need $1.000.000 Combined Single Limit (CSL) for bodily injury and property damage to a third party plus Comprehensive and Collision coverage to be fully insured in case of a collision or any other accident/setback.

Worker’s compensation in Arizona generally requires $500.000/$500.000/$500.000 as it covers the employee in the event of a claim where the owner is liable up to $500.000, although in most cases the owner is not liable and worker’s compensation coverage is unlimited.

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