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Contractor liability coverage is not a grudge purchase. There are a number of reasons why you should have it. It is an investment in the future sustainability of your business. If an accident happens and you are without it, your company could be forced to close.


Contractor Liability Coverage Protects Your Business


The reason this insurance exists is to protect you in the event you are sued.  There is a good chance that your company will be sued at some point. Litigation is common. It is also expensive. If you have to pay the full costs of a lawsuit from your own funds, you could face financial ruin.  This is how this coverage works:


  • It covers you for claims of liability
  • The types of claims it covers are causing bodily injury to another, damaging property, advertising mistakes, and reputational damage.
  • It assists with costs if you are sued
  • This includes assistance with your legal defense as well as settlement costs.


Liability Coverage Can Help You Get Work


When you demonstrate you have the required insurance for your work, you inspire confidence in a potential client.  If a client has to choose between contractors, and one doesn’t have this coverage, they are very likely to choose the company that is properly insured. It means the client is protected if something goes wrong.  They don’t want to be forced to appoint a new contractor half way through the work.  They also don’t want to end up in financial trouble themselves if something goes wrong and you don’t have the required insurance.


Liability Coverage is Required By Law


It is mandatory to have Contractors Liability Insurance.  Some contractors take a chance and decide not to get it.  It means their costs are much lower and they can pass this “saving” onto their client.  They often charge less than other contractors.  This is short sighted, however.  It only takes one accident and one lawsuit to ruin a business.  As a responsible contractor you can protect your business with this coverage.


Don’t forget the small print

It is important with all insurance to know what is included in your coverage.  Your policy may have particular exclusions.  There are also some things that are not included in contractor liability coverage. In particular it does not provide coverage for:


  • Injuries to employees. This is covered by Workers Compensation
  • Damage to your own property. Property insurance is required for this
  • Claims for faulty advice or services. This is covered by Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Vehicle accidents.  This is covered by Commercial Auto Insurance
Get Your Contractor Liability Coverage from the experts


Having the right coverage for your business is essential.  Contractors Liability can tailor your coverage for the needs of your unique business.  It is not good practice to get the cheapest insurance available. Your coverage must protect your business and the risks you face.  At Contractors Liability we will make sure that it does.  We will also get you the lowest rates available from A rated carriers.  Call Contractors Liability on 866-225-1950.

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