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Window Cleaning Insurance for Contractors

When a homeowner or other property has a window cleaning job that is more complicated than they can do on their own, they look for a Window Cleaning Business to do the job. Customers looking for Window cleaners Services are interested in three things. They want to save money, get the job done quickly, and most importantly get their windows cleaned thoroughly.

ContractorsLiability.Com Realizes that in order to get the job done right you need to have an affordable Window Cleaners General Liability Insurance. People will be letting you into their homes. All good business owners should have insurance policies that have the right coverage to protect the small business. At the very least you should have a cheap Window Washer’s General Liability Insurance Policy.

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What Is Window Cleaning Insurance ?

Window Cleaners Insurance has several components. At the very least you should obtain a low Window washer’s General Liability Coverage. When you are operating a window cleaning business you need affordable small business insurance that offers you financial protection and coverage for legal fees in case there is a claim.

No matter how careful you are, accidents can and do happen. You need to have excellent Window Washers business insurance.

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In addition to getting General Liability Insurance specifically designed for window washer’s, an affordable Workers Compensation Insurance policy for Window Cleaners is necessary if you have employees. It is also smart to obtain commercial auto coverage to cover business vehicles, even if you use your personal vehicle. Remember if you are in an accident traveling to or from a jobsite you do not have coverage under your personal vehicle. With the gig economy growing insurance companies are cracking down on these side hustles and denying claims if the vehicle was being used for income producing activities.

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Are you a contractor or construction business looking for Window Cleaning insurance? If so, our insurance team at ContractorsLiability.com is ready to answer some common questions for you and provide you with a free quote as well.

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How Much Does Insurance Cost for A Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning Insurance costs are directly related to the type of work that your company does. If your company deals with high rise buildings and other more risky locations, you might end up paying a higher rate than someone who does only residential work under 3 stories. It is not hard to purchase liability insurance with affordable coverage from the best Window Washer’s insurance companies if you have the right agent to help with purchasing insurance.

However, many different things are evaluated by Window cleaning insurance companies in determining insurance coverage prior to coming up with an insurance rate. These things include:

  • Your Annual Revenue

    The number of jobs your company takes on, as well as the number of employees you retain, are directly correlated to your gross income, as well as the amount of risk associated with your company.

  • Your Type of Business

    The risk that is inherent with your business plays a considerable role in determining how much you will pay for a rate. Those with more dangerous roles will inevitably pay more.

    Just imagine how much more likely higher the medical expenses of a window cleaner that does high rises as opposed to just simpler work such as residential cleaning. The type of work will also affect the cost of workers comp if you hire employees.

  • Age of Company

    If you are new in business you will generally pay more for insurance than a company that has been in business for a number of years with no claims.

    When you are new in business the insurance company has no way to determine how well you operate your business as compared to other small business owners. In many instances, an insurance provider will not issue policies, or will only do so with additional premiums.

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)

    Most insurance companies offer what is a Business Owners Policy or BOP. They generally are cheaper than if you bought the same coverages individually.

    It offers different insurance packages that may have different coverage options than regular handyman insurance policies.

    They generally cover costs for loss of business equipment, injuries that occur at your physical location or job site and other commercial property such as tools and equipment.

    An example: is a client trips and falls at your office. As a result they sustain bodily injury and incur medical costs. You will have coverage for any legal expenses and any possible judgments or settlements for the injured person.

    The downside to these policies is that they are not flexible and may not provide business owners the coverage they need such as specialized equipment coverage.

    Furthermore different companies offer different coverages that are included. No two companies’ offerings have the same coverage. It is important that you go over your coverage with your agent so there are no coverage gaps.

Your window cleaning insurance cost is determined by the factors listed above. Some of them you have control. By using best practices and paying attention to safety your general liability and workers compensation premiums can be kept to a minimum.

Why Do You Need Window Cleaning Insurance?

Window cleaning jobs may sound simple enough, but they are one of the most risk-intensive trades. That’s why window cleaning insurance is a must for contractors to provide financial support to their window cleaners in the incident of injuries or accidental damage.

Contractors Liability window cleaning insurance services enable you to manage your risks on the job site. We help our clients with claims assistance to help them avoid intense financial implications.

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Image of 88 Window Cleaning Accidents, Over a 15 Year Period, 62 of which resulted in fatalities.

What Does Window Cleaner Insurance Cover?

Here are some of the more common accidents that window cleaner’s insurance covers, as well as some window washing related examples of these accidents.

  • Bodily Injury:

    These injuries consist of any bodily harm suffered by a third party as a direct result of something that you or an employee did.

    Example: An unsecured ladder falls and hits a customer in the head, causing them to be knocked unconscious. The insurance policy will pay for any legal expenses in representing you. They will also pay for any settlements or judgments that are paid to the injured party.

  • Property Damage:

    You or one of your workers causes injury to your clients or a third party’s property damage.

    Example: You press too hard on a large window and the glass shatters. You will have coverage to pay for the repairs.

  • Advertising Injury:

    Advertisement injuries are any sort of action taken against a company in a business setting, such as copyright infringement or libel.

    Example: A business competitor claims your advertisement saying he leaves windows dirty and you do a better job is libelous. Now your competitor is suing you because of the ad.

  • Medical Payments:

    These are small amounts paid normally as a good will gesture. They are paid without any regard to the insured’s liability. It is usually $5,000.

    Example: A customer is at your office and a car crashes into the waiting room. The client is injured. Your general liability insurance for Window Cleaners may pay out $5,000 as a good will gesture.

The Main Types Of Business Insurance For Window Cleaning

At Contractors Liability, we help with a wide database of insurance policies and you can select one that fits your business.

  • General Liability Insurance

    General Liability insurance in the window cleaning business gives you financial protection against a number of risks and accidents involved in the window cleaning tasks.

    This type of coverage is meant for residential and commercial clients to give them coverage against bodily injury, advertising injury, or property damage. Most importantly, general liability coverage protects your business from lawsuits and covers you against:

    • Medical expenses.
    • Property damage claims.
    • Legal Fees and judgments.
  • Contractors’ Errors and Omissions Insurance

    Errors and Omissions Insurance or professional liability insurance enables the window cleaning service employer, subcontractor, or the employee to defend themselves, in case they make any mistake that results in personal injury or advertising injury.

    If the window cleaning company is accused of committing a mistake that results in loss of money or assets to others, contractors’ errors and omissions insurance will cover:

    • Professional negligence.
    • Legal judgments.
    • Legal defense fee.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

    Workers Compensation insurance covers lost wages and medical care costs after the employee hits workplace injury. This type of insurance is mostly required, especially for non-owner employees.

    When injured, loss of wages is something that bothers an employee the most, so secure your future with worker’s compensation insurance as it covers:

    • Lost wages.
    • Survivor benefits.
    • Medical expenses.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    Commercial auto insurance protects the vehicles that you use in your windows cleaning business. It offers coverage for vehicles ranging from utility vans to box trucks. Auto insurance policies are available in different types, including fleet insurance, box truck insurance, van insurance, company car, and more.

    Whether you use a fleet of service trucks or a single company car to carry out day-to-day business activities, Commercial Auto Insurance service provides coverage for:

    • Legal fees.
    • Medical bills.
    • Property Damage.
    • Damage to the covered vehicle.
    • Claim expenses related to emergency care.
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance

    Whether you keep your tools in a service truck, utility van, at a job site, or in your personal vehicle, they have to be safe. Contractors Liability can help you find a tools and equipment insurance that will make sure all your tools and equipment are safe, wherever you keep them.

    Tool and equipment insurance is generally an add-on to general giability insurance and covers everything that the latter does. The insurance coverage helps you pay for:

    • Tools and equipment owned by you.
    • Tools and clothing owned by the employee.
    • Equipment rented or borrowed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are common questions about Window Cleaning Insurance.

As a general rule most States do not have any insurance requirements for Window Cleaners. You should however at the very least have Window Washer’s General Liability insurance. Liability insurance is your basic business insurance. If you need to pull a permit or register with a City or Town for a job they will in most instances require you provide them with a certificate of insurance showing you have general Liability coverage, they may also require you provide a surety bond. You will need to check in your local area what the requirements are. They vary greatly from town to town.

Once you have a policy with ContractorsLiability.Com we can provide you Certificates of Insurance (COI) in less than an hour in most cases. The COI lists the various types of insurance you have on one page. The typical COI lists the different types of business insurance you have. So the various types of insurance coverage you may have such as general liability, workers compensation, tools and equipment(also known as inland marine insurance), professional liability and commercial property insurance. We can also list additional insureds on the COI. These can be the clients you are doing work for or any municipal entity that may require a COI for a permit or registration.

At Contractors Liability, the insurance turn around time is shorter and you get the best consultation in the industry. You get the flexibility to compare and pick the best insurance plan for you and the certificate of insurance is issued within a few hours

Contractors Liability insurance offers various types of insurance policies to cover different contractors from unexpected financial loss. We customize each insurance plan with your core business needs in mind, so that you get the best coverage insurance companies have to offer.

Contractors Liability is there to serve you when you need us the most. At Contractors Liability, we house a team of insurance claim experts who make sure that the claims are investigated with utmost attention and importance.

We understand that you have put a lot of effort into establishing your business, so we work hard to offer you the best policy that covers your business.

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