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Piano Technician’s Insurance

Are you in the United States looking for piano technician’s insurance? If so, our insurance team at Contractors Liability® is ready to answer some common questions for you and provide you with a free quote as well.

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We can already tell what you’re thinking – why on earth would someone who keeps pianos in tune need any kind of insurance? It seems unlikely that anyone could ever be injured performing on a piano, let alone tuning one – unless a tuning fork created such a piercing tone that it made you go deaf. But claims can be made against you in ways you’d least expect.

Contractor’s Insurance is, oddly enough, committed to ensuring that the show goes on. Providing specialized liability coverage for piano technicians is the way in which we do it.

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What is Piano Technician’s Insurance?

A piano technician needs general liability insurance to do their job without being afraid of having to pay for expensive repairs on an instrument that may have a value as large as six, even seven figures. Piano technician’s insurance covers any claims that specifically affect these workers.

The risks associated with working on an instrument that costs as much as a small mansion should be obvious, but there exist other risks that very few piano technicians would consider until the damage has been done and the claim against them has been made. Therefore, it is prudent that we investigate a few examples of injury and damages associated with this line of work.

  • Injuries to the Body: Any injury inflicted upon the third party or client’s person at your worksite
    • Example: The stools that the performer and sight-reader sit on are considered a part of the piano itself. If a technician fails to fix any structural weaknesses in these stools, a performer or sight-reader might fall and break their tailbone or hip, upon which the technician will be responsible for the damages.
  • Damages to the Property: Any damage that is added to the instrument or its accessories
    • Example: Failing to secure the apparatus that holds up the piano lid may cause the lid to crash down onto the piano and crack the lacquer or split the wood.
  • Personal Injury: Not the same as an injury to the body; rather, it is defined as a loss of reputation for reasons created by you and not the performer
    • Example: Assuming there is no change in the tone of the piano after two or three days causes a performance where the piano is out of tune. The performer takes action against you because of the negative response to the performance.
  • Advertising Injury: Any claim or action was taken against a competing company that is inherently false leads to said company suing for loss of business
    • Example: You claim that all of your regional competitors refuse to touch brands such as Steinway due to their level of risk when in truth, another competitor specializes in working on Steinways.
  • Medical Payments: This covers the medical bills of a third party that is injured by your negligence
    • Example: A backstage technician trips over your equipment left on stage. You are technically at fault, and therefore must pay for whatever injuries the technician sustained.

What Can Piano Technicians Expect to Pay for Their Specialized Insurance Plan?

It’s always hard to say what these professionals can expect to pay because each piano technician has their own experiences in their field. Insurance companies are fated to bear the responsibility of determining technicians’ rates via several key factors that surround their work. These three listed below are considered to be the most common details agents look into before presenting a quote:

  • How long you’ve been working in the field. Piano technicians usually either work as independent contractors or as employees of concert halls or universities. Insurance companies take a comprehensive look at your work history to determine how long you’ve stayed in the business. They are more likely to trust in a veteran of the business than someone who’s just entered into the profession.
  • Your accident history. No insurance company is going to heavily penalize a technician who accidentally broke a key on an upright during tuning. But if situations like that are commonplace in your experience, as well as situations in which someone was injured, premiums are more likely to be higher than normal due to the insurance company’s assessment of risk.
  • Your credit history. Perfect credit is impossible to have, but great credit will always get you far in terms of saving money on your insurance policy.

Because each technician is different from another technician, many other factors may be taken into consideration. For example, if there is a partnership between two technicians, the other technician may be examined in addition to yourself before a plan is offered. Whatever the circumstances may be, Contractor’s Liability can always be relied upon to acquire the information required to present a set of coverage that works for the technician in question and that technician alone.

Why Contractor’s Liability is the Best Choice for The Piano Technician

Without your technical expertise in this fabled instrument, the performer can only do so much to give a striking performance. We understand the risks involved when it comes to doing maintenance work on an extremely valuable piece of equipment. Therefore, we believe it should go without question that modeling our insurance policies with your concerns in mind is of the highest priority. Here’s how we do it:

  • We offer customized rates and coverage that scale to your needs as a technician
  • Affordable prices with the same comprehensive coverage as other plans
  • Licensed insurance agents who are passionate about music are available to assist you
  • Insurance companies we work with all provide A-list insurance plans

Piano Technician’s Insurance

Is a piano technician’s insurance mandatory?

State and local laws do not require piano technicians to have general liability insurance, however, the national union called the Piano Technician’s Guild requires technicians who pay dues to possess it. A licensed insurance agent, like the ones employed by Contractors Liability, will be able to help you understand union code to help you understand the necessity of coverage.

What happens if I don’t get piano technician’s insurance?

Regardless of whether you are in the Piano Technician’s Guild or not, it does not change the fact that piano technician’s insurance ought to be taken into serious consideration. The cost of structural damages alone is enough to bankrupt a technician, should it ever occur.

Can I use the piano technician’s insurance to cover my business partners?

Piano technician’s insurance itself does not cover your business partner in the case of an accident, but a partnership insurance plan can be offered either as a specialized version or as a bundled coverage package. Consult with a licensed insurance agent at Contractor’s Liability to discuss these options in further detail.

We don’t want the music to fall sharp or flat just as much as you don’t want it to. For more information about how to get yourself covered, contact Contractors Liability give us a ring at Call Us for a 5-minute quote.

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