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Finding the cheapest General Liability Insurance for contractors is something you need to prioritize. Whether you’re a contractor who undertakes work on client sites, or you have clients visiting your premises for work-related purposes, you must protect your business and yourself against claims made for damage, injury, or loss caused to clients or third parties. And yet it doesn’t make sense to pay more than you have to.

What is General Liability Insurance for Contractors?


The primary purpose of purchasing such a policy is to protect from third-party damage or bodily injury claims that made against your business.


Good examples would be if the quality of the final construction is not up to the expected standard, and the work does not pass building inspections. As such, the blame usually falls on the contractor. The causes could range from allegations of shoddy workmanship to inferior quality materials. In such situations, you would need coverage against such claims. Moreover, lack of coverage could seriously jeopardize your financial health.


Contractors sometimes assume that their business is too small to need insurance. As such, you may not employ a large workforce, or you don’t work on large projects. Even so, when accidents and lawsuits happen, you need a safety net.

What coverage do you get?


In general, the policy could provide coverage against third-party claims of:

  • bodily injury (includes injuries, sickness or death sustained by the person),
  • property damage,
  • medical expenses (subject to terms),
  • cost of legal costs,
  • malicious prosecution,
  • false arrest,
  • copyright infringement,
  • infringement of privacy, slander, or libel.


However, General liability generally doesn’t cover negligence, intentional harm, damage to your own property, or damage to the customer’s property in your possession.

Shop for the best


When business owners look for the cheapest General Liability insurance for contractors, they also want the best. Thus, insurance rates differ across different providers, the location, years established, nature and size of your business, your revenues, and gross payroll.  furthermore, rates can increase if you have a history of frequent claims against your business.

Tips on how to find the cheapest Insurance Policy


Here are some things you can do to find the cheapest contractor insurance:


  1. Analyze and understand your own needs, preferences and budget before you purchase your General Liability Insurance for contractors.


  1. Your next step is to document and identify your business risks. Do this yourself or with the help of a professional. Select your policy based on these requirements. When you have a clear risk management plan in place, it’s to get a better rate because you are not purchasing unnecessary coverage.


  1. Working with a professional insurance agent often nets you the best deals. They help you to understand the fine print, select the coverage that best matches your requirements and give you useful tips regarding your particular area of business. We can also point you in the direction of discounts available from certain carriers.


  1. Bundling several policies together can also fetch you big savings.
  2. You should also review your current policies regularly so that your coverage continues to protect your growing business and new assets.


Buy the cheapest General Liability Insurance for contractors right here


Our experienced insurance agents focus exclusively on contractor insurance. What does this mean to you? Because we have years and years of experience in the industry, we know where to look for the best and cheap Cheapest General Liability Insurance for Contractors. We’ll walk you through the process. Call Contractors Liability on 866-225-1950