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In any industry, there are risks involved, especially with construction-based industries. Roofing a dangerous profession that can lead to bodily injury. Roofing contractors face a financial risk with every new client. Unfortunately, lawsuits are a part of the roofing profession. 

While many complainants ask for a small monetary amount, the overall costs can be far greater. Your roofing contractor’s insurance policy, however, may make all the difference when someone sues a roofer. Forewarned – forearmed, right? 

So, what are the top 3 reasons why people sue roofers?

  1. Will your roofers insurance protect you from breach of contract?

One of the top reasons why roofing contractors face a lawsuit is for breach of contract. In fact, this is actually more common than you might think. A client can make the claim that you did not fulfill the contract, as promised. 

For example, the agreed upon materials weren’t used, incomplete repairs on the date agreed to in the signed contract or were only partially complete. However, general liability insurance for roofers will help you when you need it most. 

A roofing contractor’s insurance policy is almost like a safety-net for small contractors like you. Roofers insurance coverage can reduce and even absorb some of the out-of-pocket expenses you have to pay when someone sues you and when they financially award the other party. 

However, the right roofers insurance policy also help when defending your company against false claims. Let’s say you were successful in defending your company against a lawsuit. Great, but the legal costs can be tens of thousands of dollars. For most small business owners, those costs wipe them out. However, having roofing insurance coverage can reduce the financial damage. 

  1. Negligence leading to injury is expensive 

You’re a careful roofer. You follow health and safety guidelines and you work with fellow professionals; however, that doesn’t mean an accident won’t happen. For example, a homeowner receive injury as a result of your negligence. Or, even, what they believe is negligence on your part. This can easily result in a lawsuit. 

Negligence leading to bodily injury is a top reason why people sue roofing contractors. However, liability insurance for roofers aims to protect the contractor against such things.

Having sufficient liability insurance can help ease the pressure of attorney and court costs, as well as pay any monies rewarded to the injured party. Remember, roofing insurance coverage doesn’t just protect those injured third parties, but your roofing businesses as well. 

  1. Property Damage 

As a contractor, as soon as you step onto a client’s property, you’re liable for you personally cause the damage of. This includes any employee acting on behalf of your company. 

For example, you receive a contract to install a new roof on a townhouse and receive payment. Two days into the project, a ladder falls and breaks the kitchen window, knocking over several appliances. It’s a minor accident and no-one received injury, but, your company is responsible for the costs to repair the window and any additional damage. Essentially, it means any kitchen appliance knocked over or broken as a result of the ladder breaking the window is your responsibility as well. 

Property damage is an all too familiar reason why roofers face lawsuits every year. The financial impact for the roofing contractor can be life-changing, especially for a small family-run business. 

Roofers insurance protects your business 

Roofing insurance coverage takes the financial burden away from the contractor and their company. A roofing contractor’s insurance policy protects your small business during and after a lawsuit. Unfortunately, whether you’re found to be at fault or otherwise, you can lose thousands of dollars in court and legal fees alone. If you’re not covered, the financial pressures may become unbearable. 

And, just like you need the right roofers coverage, you need the right insurance company. At Contractors Liability we specialize in insurance coverage for the construction industry, and this includes roofers insurance. Call us at (866) 225-1950 to find out which type of liability insurance is best for your roofing business.