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The Pros and Cons of Builder’s Risk Policies

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Contractors are increasingly turning to Builder’s Risk policies to protect their investment.  A five-year period ending 2018 saw builders file claims totaling $8.8bn. This number will increase further in the coming years due to labor dynamics and more frequent natural …

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3 Tools To Make Your Handyman Business Better

Tools to Make your Handyman Business Better Featured Image

Would you like to be your own boss? Surely you have read this proposal many times, but you still haven’t found the way. The best thing is to analyze what your options are and especially your skills. From there, ‌start …

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Top 3 reasons roofers get sued

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In any industry, there are risks involved, especially with construction-based industries. Roofing a dangerous profession that can lead to bodily injury. Roofing contractors face a financial risk with every new client. Unfortunately, lawsuits are a part of the roofing profession. …

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Could You Spot a Fake Certificate of Insurance

Man crossing his fingers behind his back who know how to Could You Spot a Fake Certificate of Insurance

Fraud and misrepresentation are not strangers to the insurance industry. Though there are thousands of people working ethically, corruption still exists. Why are the moral complexities of insurance companies important to you, the owner of a general contracting company? The …

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