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Innovation is key to scaling any business. As a small business owner, your enthusiasm, managerial skills, and entrepreneurship have probably sustained your roofing business this far.  However, it is capturing emerging trends early, and correctly innovating, that will help catapult your business to success. By 2023, Augmented Reality expects to have successfully broken into all the major industries. How useful will it be for roofers?

In this article, we will help you understand how Augmented Reality can help you improve your roofing business and what necessary precautions to watch out for.

What Is It?

In case you are not familiar with the term, Augmented Reality (AR) is a computer-generated image that is superimposed on your physical environment. Mixed reality is another name for AR.

For example, when roofing a house, augmented reality glasses can superimpose a digital image of completed roof on an ongoing construction site. So, your client will get to have a real-time experience of what the proposed roof pattern will look like.  This will enable you both to discuss, make any required adjustments, and see the outcome instantly.

This technology will minimize the possibilities of your client introducing new requirements after the project has commenced. You’ll make suggestions and adjustments, and outcomes viewed in real-time.

Protect And Improve Your Roofing Business

Whenever you take innovative steps to improve your roofing business, you will face some new challenges. While you already have insurance to protect your roofing business from the effects of project changes, it would be much easier not to have to deal with shifts in project scope and the chaos that can ensue because of it.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t need insurance coverage for your roofing business in the future. It does mean that, with innovative AI tools, your insurance needs may change. You should adjust your coverage accordingly.   You don’t want to discover that you don’t have cover for things you thought you were.  We recommend that you assess your insurance program once a year.

The Benefits of Augmented Reality For Roofers

Augmented reality is not just another irrelevant technology that seeks to increase the running cost of your roofing business unnecessarily. AR will help you drive efficiency and optimize workflow on your construction site. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits:

1. Automated Measurement

AR gear can measure physical properties such as height, length, and breadth of any space quickly and accurately. With this information, you can create models, do quantitative analysis, and have a complete idea of how the project will look.

You can determine accurate measurement for materials and labor requirements. In construction it is critical. AR can be programmed to allow your workers to take onsite readings of work in progress.

This information can be automatically compared to the model design and cross checked for any disparity. This way, inconsistencies can be quickly identified and corrected before it becomes a major issue. This will save you cost and unwanted delay in project completion.

2. Team Collaboration

Effective collaboration is key to ensuring that a project is completed according to the proposed financial budget and time.

However, it’s always challenging to have all the relevant decisions making bodies onsite at the same time.  Especially if you are running multiple projects simultaneously.

With Augmented Reality for roofers, your workers can record videos, make notes, and forward it to you remotely. They can ask questions about errors or design issues and get a response from you or a remote team in real-time.

Improve Your Roofing Business. Innovate Your Way to Success

As a small business owner, how well you pay attention to innovation goes a long way in determining the future of your roofing business. Using AR to increase team collaboration and automate basic tasks, like measurement, will help drive efficiency in your business. This, in turn will improve your roofing business.

Augmented Reality is for roofers looking for ways to improve their business. One of the major things clients look at when selecting from the pool of available roofers is how well your business operates at industrial standards.

We run an insurance company that helps you with risk management and advice on some basic industry standards that you may have been overlooking in your business. Call us today to find out how to protect your growing company. Call Contractors Liability 888-676-0923