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If you’re a painting contractor who hasn’t given liability insurance a second thought, you’re not alone. Your small business is one of 44% in the US are either uninsured or under-insured. At Contractors Liability, it confuses us. 


Will your painting business survive?


Not many small businesses are financially strong enough to pay third party claims for property damage or bodily injury. You are up and down ladders and work in many dangerous places. An accident could happen at any moment.  


Many unprepared painting contractors have lost their:

  • Painting business.
  • Livelihood.
  • Retirement and college funds.
  • Future earnings.


Your painting business is vulnerable


Here are 3 of the most common things that hold back painting contractors when it comes to protecting their businesses with liability insurance coverage.


  • Cost

Many small business owners or painting contractors think that it is cost prohibitive to obtain liability insurance. However, liability insurance packages come in all sorts of flavors for wallets of different thickness, anywhere between $29 up to $2 million. Even so, many painting contractors might choose to swallow the associated unique risks. This can cost them their entire painting company, rather than pay up.

Another example would be if your starting budget can only cover more important expenses. You are likely to think that it isn’t viable for you to invest in liability insurance until you start turning a profit. 

In almost all cases, however, it’s certainly a worthwhile expense that should be opted for as soon as they find it viable to do so.


  • Bureaucracy

Another reason for painting contractors to forgo liability insurance can often be bureaucratic red tape. It is often the case that such filings require handling a lot of paperwork that may bring them to the conclusion that it’s simply not worth the hassle. Enrollment can often take several weeks to process, in addition to the time required to gather all the necessary paperwork and meeting all the requirements. 

At Contractors Liability, we have removed this worry. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to get an insurance quote. You have the choice of getting a customized quote on our website, or by calling one of our insurance agents at (866) 225-1950. We pride ourselves on our customer service. 


  • Procrastination

We’re all guilty of that one. You know we need to do something about liability insurance for your painting business, but you can’t seem to ever get around to doing it. Every painting company or painting contractor is surely fully aware of the unique risks involved in this line of work and surely don’t take the issue lightly.

By now you are also fully aware of the wisdom in obtaining liability insurance. You know you must make sure you’re covered in the event that any incident should arise wherein damage or injury takes place. You can’t afford to have to liquidate your painting company to pay for damages and legal fees. 

People often have to juggle many different things in life, and this is particularly the case for small business owners. It’s understandable that some things may slip your mind.


It’s time to change your mind. Isn’t it? 

Contractors Liability only works with A-rated insurance companies, to get you service that you can trust. Our process is quick and easy – why not contact us right now for your free quote?

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