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Building under construction insurance can give you the backup you need when things go wrong on a project. It pays to get expert advice when it comes to insurance.  Builder’s Risk Insurance is one of the simplest forms of insurance to understand, but consulting a professional agent gets you the policy you really need.


3 Tips from insurance experts 


Your buddy may be right about how to cook the best steak, but is he qualified to give insurance advice? Let’s look at some of the advice out there and why you shouldn’t follow it.


  1. No, Builder’s Risk Insurance is not a grudge purchase


Builder’s Risk Insurance is not mandatory and there may be projects when it is not a requirement to buy it.  Before you decide it is just a grudge purchase and you can go without it, think about what you stand to lose if things go wrong. If an accident occurs and you have to clean up the site and remove debris, how much would that cost you?  When vandals strike your site, or your tools are stolen, what will it cost to repair and replace?


Should you have it?


At Contractors Liability we have seen countless times how having the right insurance has saved a business when things go wrong. It is an investment in your success. If you are a homeowner renovating your home, Builder’s Risk insurance may be the only way to cover your home during construction.  As a Contractor the cost of insurance is most frequently passed on to the client.  Building under construction insurance makes sense.


  1. No, the cheapest policy is not always the best. But it can be.


Builder’s Risk Insurance is customized according to what your project needs. There are some items that are common to many policies, but building under construction insurance is not a standard offering.  If you only use price to choose a policy, you may not be covered for the risks you face.  This can be an expensive mistake in the long run.


Get the right coverage, and then pay the lowest rate


Your policy must give you coverage for your unique business and project. Our agents will shop around and negotiate on your behalf for the right coverage at a good price. You may not get the cheapest policy, but you can pay the lowest rate whilst getting the coverage you need.


  1. No, “just use your local agent” is not the best advice


Using your local agent for your building under construction insurance may not get you the best coverage or the best rate.  Also, your local agent may not be able to provide you with many options.


Why you should choose Contractors Liability for your Builder’s Risk Insurance


At Contractors Liability we have access to a big network of A-Class carriers. It is a competitive market so we can get you the best offerings (in coverage and price) from leading insurers. We’ll present  you with a minimum of three quotes for you to compare.


Get The Best Advice For Building Under Construction Insurance


Speak with us at Contractors Liability for the best advice.  Our agents will get you the right coverage at the lowest rates, in the shortest possible time.  Call Contractors Liability on 866-225-1950.


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