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People say, buy Builder’s Risk Insurance from the experts. But how important is this? There seems to be insurance companies on every corner. Many of them will sell you any policy you need. But, think of it this way: You wouldn’t ask the mailman to extract your tooth, would you?


It makes a big difference if you buy Builder’s Risk insurance from an insurance company that specializes in Contractors Insurance. Firstly, we know the industry risks. As well as what your particular kind of contracting needs coverage against. Secondly, at Contractors Liability, we have all the right credentials and connections to get you the best coverage at the best rates. Let’s take a look at 3 tips to consider when buying your Builder’s Risk insurance.


3 Tips For Buying Builder’s Risk Insurance



  • There is no substitute for experience



Contractors Liability is an insurance company that has been providing coverage for contractors for over 20 years. Our professional insurance agents are friendly and knowledgeable. And we have years and years of experience in providing the right coverage for our customers. It’s why we have an A + rating with BBB and how we get 5 star reviews from thousands of customers.


Why is this great for you? It means you get the tailor-made coverage you need because you are guided by our expert agents.



  • Cherry pick from the best



Our experts represent leading insurance companies. Some of these companies are national and others are regional.  It means, unlike most local agents, we have access to the best offerings in the industry. Once we know your requirements, we will get you free no-obligation quotes from different companies. The knowledge and experience of our professionals and our access to markets is a winning combination.


Why is this great for you? With a choice of quotes all tailored to your needs, you can compare and get the right coverage at the best price for your project.



  • Time is money



When you buy Builder’s Risk Insurance you want the process to be fast and simple.  Our turnaround time is guaranteed to be quick.  We will get your quotes speedily. This allows you to wrap up this important requirement for your contract and let you focus on the work of your project. We strive to provide you with certificates of insurance within 4 hours.


Why is this great for you? When you buy Builder’s Risk Insurance from us it is a painless process that doesn’t waste your time. You get professional and speedy service and the right outcome, first time.


Buy Builder’s Risk Insurance Today


When you need to buy Builder’s Risk Insurance, speak to us at Contractors Liability.  We specialize in construction insurance and have the reputation in the industry to prove it.  We operate nationwide and we are licensed in all States. Get the right coverage at the lowest cost.  Contact one of our friendly agents. Call 888-676-0923 – we can help!

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