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Professional Organizer Insurance

Are you in the United States looking for professional organizer insurance? If so, our insurance team at Contractors Liability® is ready to answer some common questions for you and provide you with a free quote as well.

Professional organization is a profession widely unknown to those who don’t require its services. Professional organizers keep our professional lives organized and in check when we don’t have the time to do it ourselves. For the most part, their job goes without incident. They simply require a space to do what they need to do as well as the skilled labor to get the job done. As with any job, things can go wrong. An accident can cause damage to a client’s property, an employee could commit libel or slander against a third party, work that is done irresponsibly could cause bodily injury, or a company could intentionally or unintentionally breach copyright law.

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It is important to remain covered, in case of accidents like these. That’s why Contractors Liability offers specialized professional organizer’s insurance at rates that work for you and your company.

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What is Professional Organizer ‘s Insurance?

Professional Organizer Insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that protects your company’s reputation as well as the physical and emotional rights of clients and third parties. While it might seem far-fetched that a professional organization firm would need coverage for these things, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

For a better idea as to how this specialized insurance works, here are some of the things professional organizer’s insurance covers. This includes some real-life scenarios in which this type of insurance applies to a professional organization company.

  • Injuries to the Body: A physical injury is done to a client or a third party that is the direct result of something your company did
    • Example: Improper securing of the shelving installed for organizational purposes causes the shelving to fall over and clients get hurt in the process.
  • Damages to the Property: Any change to a client or third party’s property that is unwarranted and irreversible
    • Example: You get rid of old tax forms in an office without consulting your client first. Your client is audited and fined for not having access to these tax forms.
  • Personal Injury: A personal injury differs from a physical injury in that it causes harm to the reputation of a client or third party, rather than any physical harm done to a client or third party
    • Example: You are sued for libel after you make publicized comments about a rival organizational company.
  • Advertising Injury: This refers to any sort of advertisement-based action made against a client or third party that results in unreasonable harm to their business
    • Example: Your company advertises that it provides a service you do not actually provide, and a client hires you to do that service.
  • Medical Payments: When physical injuries are sustained by a client or a third party and you must pay for the resulting medical procedures
    • Example: Your client tripped and fell as the result of improper organizational techniques, sustaining a broken arm. Your company must pay for the cast and doctor’s visit.

Professional Organizer’s Insurance Cost

The good news about insurance cost for professional organizers is that it’s most likely going to be a relatively low cost to you. This is because compared to high-risk professions, like excavation contractors and electricians, the risk of hurting a third party is relatively low. However, there are some other things that insurance providers use to determine the cost of your insurance plan. These include:

  • Your Location. If your company is located somewhere with higher crime rates, your insurance could be on the higher side, due to the increased potential for damage inflicted upon a client and a third-party, or their property. Inversely, if you live in a higher-end neighborhood where clients tend to have a higher chance of suits filed against them, you could run the risk of having higher insurance premiums.
  • Your Accident History. Insurance agencies understand that accidents happen to even the most cautious businesses. We don’t differentiate ourselves in this regard, and we understand that one accident does not mean your company is careless.
  • Number of Employees. The number of your employees you have naturally increases the potential for an accident, so insurance companies must take the number of employees into account when providing coverage and rate estimates.
  • Your Company’s Age. We hate to say it, but age does imply experience. Sure, new contracting companies could truly be as capable and responsible as older companies, but a company being in business for a long time has their capability and responsibility on record, which influences insurance providers’ decisions to charge lower rates.

Contractors Liability likes to get to know all their clients prior to setting up a rate, as it helps us understand exactly the best way we ought to cover you. To get started on getting the coverage you need, contact us today.

Why Should Professional Organizer’s Choose Contractors Liability?

As a professional organizer, you know that people might always start out with the best intentions but get in way over their head. As a business owner, you know that customers look for specific marks of professionalism, including coverage when things go wrong. Contractors Liability provides legal assurance that your company’s professional image goes beyond completing the task at hand. The coverage you have lets clients know that you hold them and their property as an accountability. As well as this, we offer to you:

  • Insurance agents who are licensed, as well as possessing experience working with professional organization companies
  • Customized packages for our clients in the field of professional organization
  • A customer service guarantee
  • Insurance packages from only A-rated insurance providers at rates that are affordable

Do I really need a professional organizer’s insurance?

Although it might seem tempting to opt out, oftentimes state law requires contractors (including professional organization businesses) to have some type of liability insurance. Even for those privileged few who do not legally need it due to lack of regulation, it is important to consider the client’s concern when they discover you don’t have it. Many clients will opt for a professional organization company that is covered by liability insurance rather than one that is not. Therefore, it’s usually in the best interest of a company to have liability insurance, regardless of location.

Are my employees covered under this insurance?

Professional organizer’s insurance is a form of liability insurance, which only covers third parties and customers. However, there is good news attached to that. Packages are available that combines your liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Not only does this allow you to cover your valued employees, but it also ensures that your rate is the best that it can be.

How can I lower my insurance payments?

For the most part, insurance payments are determined by outside factors that can’t be altered by anyone, least of all us. However, working with a licensed insurance agent, like the ones at Contractors Liability, ensures that you always get the best rates on your insurance. This is because we understand the exact risks your industry must accept and provides what you need based upon these risks, creating customizable packages for your company. There’s no point in paying for coverage that doesn’t apply to you, so we won’t put you in that situation – period.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us via the Web or call us at (866)255-1950 for a 5-minute quote.

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