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Flooring Insurance

Are you in the United States looking for flooring contractor’s insurance? If so, our insurance team at Contractors Liability® is ready to answer some common questions for you and provide you with a free quote as well.

Flooring is easy to forget about, but it’s we rely upon it every day in modern houses and businesses. It prevents accidents and makes life a little easier, but the process of ripping up old carpeting and replacing it with hardwood is not without its risks. That’s why it’s important for those in the flooring industry to get themselves covered by a liability insurance plan that takes their job into consideration.

Contractors Liability offers comprehensive coverage packages for floorers nationwide because we want you to feel confident in the revolutionary services that you provide.

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What is Flooring Insurance?

Flooring insurance covers some or most of the damages suffered by third parties because of your work. While flooring can be a low-risk profession, there are still ways that flooring companies might put themselves at risk when providing their services. The information below is not an all-encompassing checklist, but it does introduce a complex idea of the types of injuries flooring insurance might cover, as well as examples wrapped within flooring installation scenarios.

  • Injuries to the Body: This refers to any physical damage extended to an unrelated person (a client, a passer-by, or otherwise) that your company is at fault for by failing to prevent it
    • Example: A stack of flooring tiles is placed carelessly in harm’s way by one of your employees and a client trips over it, breaking their arm.
  • Damages to the Property: Any damage caused by your company to a third party’s property
    • Example: The company van must drive over the back lawn of a residential house to load in the carpet needed for a basement room. However, the van ends up ripping up a significant portion of the lawn with its tires.
  • Personal Injury: Any emotional or reputational injury inflicted upon a third party
    • Example: Your flooring job is not done to the client’s satisfaction, and the job itself was done so poorly that it has caused them to lose clientele.
  • Advertising Injury: Any false claim or direct attack made against a third party, such as libel or copyright infringement
    • Example: Your company uses a rumor about a rival company to advertise your services. This causes the rival company to lose substantial income and business.
  • Medical Payments: Any medical bills that need to be covered because of a bodily injury that your company is at fault for
    • Example: A company van being driven by an employee accidentally hits a pedestrian, causing moderate bodily injury and substantial medical bills for the injured party.

Flooring Insurance Cost

Flooring insurance might not seem like an expense worth including in your company’s budget. After all, it doesn’t pose a significant risk up front, as is the case with masonry. However, there is still a chance of an insurance claim being taken out against your company. Without the right coverage, your company may pay significantly more in damages than the minor insurance payments you should be paying.

Contractors Liability sympathizes with the fact that cost is still a point of worry for most businesses, regardless of their size. The factors insurance companies consider when deciding on a policy rate with their clients often revolves around these common examples:

  • Your type of business. Carpentry providers’ insurance rates will generally be lower because their risk of serious third-party injury is much lower than other contractors.
  • The size of your business. For many artisan contractors, flooring companies included, the size of a business is an important consideration insurance companies make. Smaller companies can expect to pay less for their coverage, whereas larger companies must understand that each additional member increases the chance of an accident happening.
  • The age of your company. Companies that are in it for the long-haul show the insurance providers that they are committed to serving customers as best as possible. For new companies, their dependability goes up (and their insurance rates go down) as they prove that their company is a trusted entity over a span of years.
  • Company location. Cost of insurance also does depend on the location of your company in a neighborhood. Location in an area with higher crime rates might cause its insurance rates to go up. Alternately, a high-end neighborhood location might also increase the rate, as well. For more information on how your location might affect your quote, be sure to contact your insurance agency.

Small contractors, like flooring companies, can have a difficult time navigating the process of creating an insurance plan. But we don’t think it’s their job to. Contractors Liability aims to prove to you our commitment to providing flooring companies with the best general liability insurance possible.

Why Should Flooring Companies Choose Contractors Liability?

There are plenty of insurance companies out there that will provide generalized liability coverage for businesses. But we here at Contractors Liability spare no expense in answering your questions or giving you the confidence you need to operate your business. What are the ways in which we differ from our competitors, though?

  • We only use A-Rated insurance policies from recognizable insurance providers
  • All our policies are customized to cover the risks inherent to flooring
  • Our rates are always the most affordable, and we consider all cost-deciding factors prior to setting you up with a rate
  • All our agents on staff are licensed insurance agents with a background in contract work

About Floor Insurance

Are there ways that I can mitigate the risks associated with flooring?

Most insurance risks are just that – risks. There’s little to no way that you can stop an accident from happening, and most companies will have accidents in the time they’re in operation. However, there are ways that you can prepare for accidents, and the best way to professionally do that is via an overarching insurance policy.

How can I lower my flooring insurance rate?

In terms of lowering your rate based on external factors like location, there is not too much that you can do. However, a reputable insurance agency like Contractors Liability can help you find the best insurance packages that provide the most coverage for the least amount of money.

Who is covered under my company’s flooring insurance?

Flooring insurance is a form of specialized general liability insurance, which means that third parties are covered and them alone. To ensure that your employees are covered, consult a licensed insurance agent, like the ones at Contractors Liability, to obtain an insurance package that covers both third party and employee insurance.

Contractors Liability is ready to help flooring specialists nationwide to get the best coverage for their company. For more information about how to get yourself insured, contact Contractors Liability or call us at 8662251950 for a 5-minute quote.

“All positive experiences, they almost always answer the phone and if I do happen to get voicemail, I get a return call back very quickly… very prompt about getting Bonds and Certificates of Insurance to me for my company business, and they have great rates too! I would highly recommend this company.”

Jeanne, Pool Busters LLC

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