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Professional Liability Insurance

Are you a contracting business that is working in the United States looking for contractors professional liability insurance? Do you want to know more about professional liability? If so, our insurance team at Contractors Liability® is ready to answer some common questions for you and provide you with a free quote as well.

What Is Contractors Professional Liability Insurance?

Contractors Professional liability Insurance is specific coverage formulated 30 years ago to address contractors’ liability for design errors or omissions. Before the introduction of these policies, an endorsement was generally add to a general liability policy. The coverage under these type of endorsements was severely limited. As more contractors began to perform design-build work, which dramatically increased their professional liability exposure, contractors professional liability policies were developed to address contractors’ unique design liability exposures and coverage needs, including direct design liability. Coverage can be written on an annual basis to cover all of a contractor’s operations or on a project-specific basis to cover a contractor’s design liability on a specific project.

Why Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?

The risks that contractors have become more complex as a result of changes in the industry. This has forced construction executives to examine professional liability coverage – a complex and often misunderstood type of coverage. Professional liability insurance is often an afterthought for large-scale construction projects. With builders risk, general and excess liability, and workers compensation risks to be addressed, professional liability often does not require the immediate attention of owners and contractors that are responsible for insuring the work on these projects and may not be considered until the process of insuring other risks is well under way.

In construction litigation, professional negligence is usually defined as failure to perform duties according to the standard of care or practice that would have been expected of another professional performing a similar work in the same area.

What Covers Contractors Professional Liability Policy?

A professional liability policy broadly covers design claims, but the coverage works differently for cost overruns and delay claims. A major source of cost overruns or delay claims against construction managers, arise from bad coordination of the work. To the extent, the construction manager acted negligently. They incur professional liability, and a professional liability policy should at least afford them a defense. Absent the policy having an affirmative exclusion for cost overruns or delays or any work altogether as a construction manager at risk.

Purchase Project-Specific Professional Liability Insurance

Project-specific professional liability insurance is purchased by the owner and insures claims arising out of the work of all the professionals providing services related to the project. It supplants the insurance provided by the individual contractors and insures subcontracted work of any design professional in contract with the owner.

The policy is written for the term of the work and for a completed operations period following issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Policy limits and the deductible are selected to meet the needs of the owner, and uniform protection is provided to all parties engaged in work on the project. The limits are dedicated to the insured project and cannot be depleted by claims arising from other work performed by the insured design professionals. The policy cannot be canceled once the premium is paid.

How Much is Contractors Professional Liability Insurance?

The cost of Professional Liability Insurance can vary greatly. There are a number of factors that come into play. Type of work, size of project and past performance are the main factors in determining cost.

How Can I Get Contractors Professional Liability Insurance?

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