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If you get into an accident during a job, you can use your workers’ compensation for your medical expenses.

Your workers’ compensation can cover emergency room care, doctor, hospital admission, X-rays, blood tests and rehabilitation treatment. However, each state has a different regulation for the approval of medical expenses for workers compensation. But medical treatment given by the doctor that is necessary to treat your injury will be covered.

Diagnostic tests

These can be your X-rays and MRIs

Alternative Treatments

Workers compensation can cover the standard treatments necessary for your condition. But there’s a limit in the number of treatments especially for ones that require multiple sessions. Physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and massage will have to be approved.

Once you have already applied for workers compensation claim, the insurance company should be able to pay the medical bills immediately and continue to pay as you get your treatments. The insurer usually asks you to get pre-approval before the medical costs are given but this is what your doctor should process for you.

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