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How much can workers compensation give you for your temporary disability benefits when your claim is closed or settled? You will only receive continuous regular workers compensation benefits because you might have been declare permanently disabled and given a pension, entitled to have a weekly amount for permanent disability or you settled on a structured agreement.

If you are given a pension because you are permanently disabled, you will still receive regular benefits a percentage of your wages made during injury. This can be given once a month, twice a month or even once a week depending on the state you’re in.

If you have a permanent injury that is less that total disability you can still get your benefits weekly if you did not settle in a structured agreement that it should be given in full. The weekly benefits will be based on how disabled your are.

If you settles in a structured agreement that requires your employer to pay you in small portions, then that is how you will get your benefits. This period can be a year or even five years. You will receive the amount deepening on your agreement with your employer.

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