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Insurance for public relations when disaster strikes is both urgent and costly. When the Brumadinho dam collapsed last year in Brazil, it was the name Vale that made headlines. It was Vale’s directors that had to leave their positions in office when 206 people died. 


When these events happen, it is the name of the construction company that the media will headline. This is the company that the public will associate with failure. Any construction contractor knows that the risk level of any project is always high.


There are so many contributors to a single construction project and the factor of human error is always present. The benefit of insurance for public relations can aid your budget in a time of need. Does your insurance policy state whether your insurance will cover this kind of expense?


Benefits of General Contractor Insurance for Public Relations 

The success of your construction company is closely linked with its public image.  This makes public relations in the construction industry an important part of your daily business. Even more when the unforeseen happens and communities are the victims of a construction disaster

General Contractor Insurance for public relations will cover the expenses of increased coordinated communications programs during crisis control. Your public relations company has a list of tasks to complete during these trying times.

  1. They establish the credibility of your company by passing on information to the communities involved. This will mean that your PR company will have to win back the trust of the community that suffered losses or death.
  2. They publicize a unifying message from your company towards the public. Any troubled community wants to see immediate efforts to ease their situation. Your PR can implement a plan that will align the public’s goals with yours to diffuse the situation.
  3. The next step is to create synergy between your company and the community to go forward once again.

But public relations is expensive. This is due to added manhours, an increased workload and strict deadlines. The fine print in your insurance policy will state if the costs from PR will fall under your General Contractor Insurance.

Protect your General Contractor business

Just as important as finding an insurance company that you can trust to give you the best advice on coverage for your construction company’s needs, finding the perfect PR partner to be by your side is the fundamental first step towards enhancing your public image.

The construction industry is extremely competitive. So, it is always advised to deal with challenging situations head-on while your support structure is in place.

Call Contractors Liability now and speak with our agents. We will advise you on the best coverage for events that can cause financial stress to your General Contractor business. Call us on (888) 973-0016.

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