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As a carpenter, you see potential everywhere. Whether you are bringing a backyard to life with a new patio, transforming an empty lobby with beautiful shelves, or revolutionizing an outdated kitchen with new cabinets, you have the ability to create some amazing spaces with your skills and imagination.

You are proud that you can bring a client’s vision to life. What’s more, you have the knowledge to gently guide the clients whose ideas stretch the boundaries of modern carpentry or their budgets.



Even though you love your job, and you love it, it doesn’t mean your life is easy. There are times that things don’t go as planned. You are always at the risk of injuries, property damage, and other hazards in your business. Thus, having the right carpenters insurance can help protect your business if your business damages a property or if someone is injured.



Saws, nail guns, hammers, cutting machines, and other tools of your profession make carpentry a risky business. A nail gun is cited as the most common power tool to cause injury to carpenters. A study reported over 28,000 emergency visits due to nail guns every year. Even with the best safety clothing, safety training, and on-site safety measures, thing can go wrong.
What’s more, it’s not always working with high risk tools that result in accidents and injury. It could be negligence (like leaving those same tools out and having someone tip over them). It could also be a fall from a ladder. In fact, falling is the number 1 cause of injury for any contractor.



All carpenters need carpenters insurance whether you do all your carpentry at your workshop or on-site. It is not obligatory, but yes, it really, really helps when something goes wrong. It doesn’t matter how experienced you or your team is, or how many projects you have successfully completed, there is something you can’t avoid. This is human error. It is part of the job. Despite minimizing the chances of accidents, they do happen.

Here are 5 reasons why you need carpenters insurance:
  • It protects your business against the high cost of lawsuits.
  • Protects your business against natural disasters.
  • It builds credibility.
  • Protects your workforce from lost wages and medical costs due to injuries.
  • It gives you peace of mind that you are protected.



Let’s look at 2 “What If” scenarios. Carpenters insurance will protect you when:

  • #1 You drop a hammer damaging the client’s tiled flooring.
  • #2 The banister of staircase you built comes loose, causing the client’s daughter to fall and sustain injuries.



Just as you choose the materials and tools that are right for the job, you should put the same consideration into insurance coverage. Not all policies cover everything. Some carpenter insurance policies cost more than others for less coverage. Some insurance consultants will sell you coverage that you won’t ever need in your line of business.

What should you do to get the best carpenters insurance for your business?

Start by getting some good advice from a company that specializes in contractor insurance. Choose an insurance company that works with top A-graded carriers. Before committing to any policy, compare rates. Contact ContractorsLiability.com or call us at (866) 225-1950. We will find the best carpenters insurance for your business needs. You’ll have free quote in 5 minutes!

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