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Choosing the right insurance company in Arizona will protect your business from financial loss.  Arizona is among the top ten states with the highest volumes of construction theft. The more popular equipment stolen includes utility vehicles, excavators, and tracked loaders. Top or high-end items are at greater risk because of their value. But, all tools and equipment are at risk because they’re easy to move on. It costs the industry millions per year.


Thefts aren’t the only concerns for framers on the construction site. Severe weather can also badly affect your project. Protection against these things is crucial. Builder’s Risk from the Contractors Liability insurance company in Arizona can help ease some of the financial burdens faced when the worst happens. Let’s take a look at 3 ways having the right insurance can save your business time and money.


Why Framers Pick Contractors Liability for Builder’s Risk


  • Material and Equipment Coverage

There are a few ways in which your materials and equipment can be protected. For example, materials can be protected while they’re onsite, but also, when they’re offsite. They must be listed in the policy and used for your current framing project.


For example, a good Insurance Company in Arizona will make sure you have the right policy for equipment theft. Builder’s Risk from Contractors Liability will give you the coverage you need.


  • Removing Debris after onsite Accidents

Framers often rely on Builder’s Risk to cover the costs of debris cleanup after onsite accidents. Debris removal can be very costly and create delays completing the project. Builder’s Risk from Contractors Liability Insurance company in Arizona will make sure you aren’t left out-of-pocket. And, the area is cleared up as quickly as possible.


Builder’s Risk Insurance will give coverage for costs, up to a certain point. For instance, if there’s $15,000 of debris removal set out in the policy, that’s the value you’ll be able to claim up to. What’s more, if the accident was through no fault of your own, you don’t have to pay for the work already completed that was damaged. Essentially, you’re not out-of-pocket for this accident that wasn’t your fault. That’s why framers pick Builder’s Risk from Contractors Liability Insurance.


  • Contamination Cleanup

A fire hits the building site. Luckily, it’s extinguished before it could do a lot of damage. But, unfortunately, the site is now contaminated and deemed unsafe to work on. Decontamination of the entire area is required and that’s where your Insurance Company in Arizona can help if they have included the right extensions in your policy.


Imagine the fire damages 50% of the framework which now needs to be replaced. As a result of the fire, water and pollutants litter the site. Cleanup will take a considerable amount of time and a lot of effort. Fortunately, you have Builder’s Risk from Contractors Liability with an extension to your policy to give coverage for this incident.


The Right Insurance Company In Arizona for Framers 


While there are some things outside your control, insurance can help you avoid financial disaster. Your framing business can benefit from having protection in the form of Builder’s Risk. If tools or equipment are stolen, you’re protected. If there’s an accident and cleanup or debris removal is required, you’re protected. Policies are customized to suit your individual needs.

Let Contractors Liability find the right insurance for your business. Call 888-676-0923to get a free quote.

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