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Caught in an Accident? Avoid doing any of the following mistakes so you can keep yourself out of any more trouble

Don’t try to keep it all in your head.

It’s easy to forget small details, to miss them if you’re not careful at the scene. Grab pen and paper and start scribbling away. No matter how busy you are, it’s worth the few minutes to take notes.

Avoid apologizing or accepting responsibility for the injury/damage

You might very well have caused it, but when it comes to admitting guilt, let your insurance companies handle that part. I don’t admit that the floor might be slick or the claimant and any witnesses will hear that as an admission of guilt, and may even testify to that effect in court. There goes your case.

Never assure anyone that you are going to “take care of” anything

You don’t want to assume responsibility or liability. If you are truly liable and the claimant is entitled to receive compensation for damages or injury, your insurance adjuster will take care of letting that party know. It’s natural to want to be helpful; it’s also natural to offer sympathy or an apology if someone is suffering pain or injury. This must be avoided where insurance claims are concerned. Refer them to your insurance company.

Do call your agent

 They might be helpful in the emergency.  You can audit your coverage and re-evaluate. Your agent might not be giving you the most competitive rates because of his company rules. Make sure you get quotes! Contact us today for more information or questions.

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