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What Does Augmented Reality Have In Store For General Contractors?

Augmented Reality (AR) expects to have a market share of $90 billion by the end of 2020. How can a major industry like construction take advantage of this massive growth?
Sketches, paper drawings, and design plans have brought the industry this far. AR integration will take it further. The construction industry is among the least digitized of all the major industries, but with augmented reality, this you can change this narrative.
This article will help you understand some of the basic ways you as a general contractor can integrate AR technology into your work environment, and some cautions that you also need to watch out for.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality superimposes digital images or elements on the real world. Can you imagine seeing your Auto CAD 3D drawing of a building displayed right in front without a screen?
Furthermore, augmented reality devices won’t just display the image before you, it also allows for real-time interaction.
So you can,

  • Adjust the image to see the plan, side or front view.
  • You can section the image.
  • And some other basic interactions you can expect.

Augmented Reality devices will project digital images to your physical surroundings. as such, as you walk around a construction site, with the aid of cameras and GPS, your AR device displays, real-time geospatial data.
Furthermore, you can generate relevant information such as operational details, structural plans, automated measurement, quantitative analysis, schedules, and several other sorts of information.

Relevance Of Augmented Reality To Construction?

As a contractor, you can use augmented reality for:

1. Project Planning

Augmented reality can generate a live 3D representation of your project plan. In this way, your client can see what the project will look like when completed, experience a virtual tour, make a more accurate quantitative analysis of materials required, and so much more.

2. Safety Training

Safety is a major challenge in the construction industry, it is why a lot of contractors spend so much training their workforce on safety. Consequently, with an AR headset, you can take your workers through a virtual drill and safety scenarios.
This form of learning doesn’t just pass the theoretic knowledge, it also creates a mental image that makes the communication 60% more efficient than the conventional way.
Furthermore, you can also program your AR device to train your workers on how to use heavy machinery and its safety protocol.

Augmented Reality Is The Future

The importance of AR devices in the construction industry will continue to grow. AR devices will help increase workplace collaboration, make project planning run more efficiently, and provide on-site geospatial information. As such, these are the direct benefits of Augmented Reality for you as a general contractor.
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