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In fact, good Builder’s Risk Insurance in Hartford is key for your future construction projects. But, why? 

The construction industry a competitive one, and the market is tough. There is just one question. Is the quality of your work good enough to secure future projects?  Builder’s Risk insurance sets you apart from your competitors.  Especially when it is customized for you.


Is Builder’s Risk Insurance One-Size-Fits-All?


When you buy insurance in Hartford you only want to pay for what you need. You also want to know you are getting the coverage you require. There are many items you can include in your policy. But not all of them will be applicable to your project.  Speaking to an expert with in-depth knowledge of the industry will make sure that you get the right coverage.


Where To Get Your Insurance In Hartford?


At Contractors Liability, our insurance agents will customize a Builder’s Risk policy for you.  We will take into account your specific requirements to build coverage ideally suited to your project and business. Then we will present you with a few options from different companies, so you are sure you are making the right choice.


Contractors Liability represents over 18 National and Regional Companies.  This enables us to access the best coverage for your individual needs.  Our track record speaks for itself and we have more than 20 years experience in the industry.  Our customers say it best, and we have received thousands of 5 star ratings.


What Will Make Your Builder’s Risk Best?


Our agents will help you optimize your coverage. Some of the things to consider include:


  • Inventory and tools. It is not uncommon for tools to be stolen on site, and it is expensive to have to replace them out of your own pocket.


  • Materials and equipment. There is often expensive equipment on site or fittings for the building and these can be damaged by accident or even vandalism.


  • Property replacement. An accident could occur on your site resulting in your building being damaged or even destroyed, and this is covered by Builder’s Risk insurance.


  • Removal of debris and clean-up of the site.  In the event of an accident it can be very expensive to remove debris or de-contaminate a site.


  • Soft costs (for example architecture, engineering, finance and legal costs) can be included.


It must be stressed that the correct valuation of your project is very important when you buy your Builder’s Risk policy.  The building or structure must be valued at its full replacement cost at completion.  In other words, if your building was destroyed once it was completed, how much would it cost to rebuild it to the same specifications?  If you under-insure your project, in the event of loss event, you could lose out financially.


Builder’s Risk At Contractors Liability


Our agents will give you expert advice, so your insurance in Hartford gives you a competitive edge in a difficult economy. Your Builder’s Risk policy will be customized to your needs at the best price possible. Call Contractors Liability on 888-676-0923 so you are ready to take on the market.

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