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Construction Insurance is an important investment in your business. It is the easiest and least expensive way you can transfer the risks you face to another party. Once you have proper insurance in place you can get on with your business. Are you sure that your insurance is working for you? There are ways to make it more effective for your business.


Our top tips are having the right insurance, making sure to customize it for your business, and working with an industry expert. Let’s take a look at how these tips can help you.


The Right Construction Insurance


When you have General Liability, Workers Compensation and Builder’s Risk, you have a solid insurance portfolio for your business.


  • General Liability covers you if someone sues you for negligence.  Typically this is if your actions on your construction project cause damage to someone else’s property.  It also covers you if someone sues you for causing another person bodily harm by your actions.


  • Workers Compensation covers you if an employee is hurt whilst working for you.  This insurance will pay for your worker’s medical expenses and for loss of income.


General Liability and Workers Compensation is mandatory so you should already have these, but do you have Builder’s Risk insurance?


  • Builder’s Risk insurance covers you for property replacement as well as a number of events that are typical to construction projects. It can protect your business from big losses, such as replacement of material and tools lost to theft, damage to equipment from causes such as vandalism, and more.  The most important coverage is the cost of replacement if the building you are working on is damaged or even destroyed.


With Builder’s Risk insurance you have a solution when things go wrong on your project, and you won’t be caught unprepared.


The right coverage


A Builder’s Risk policy should be customized for your business.  You should only be paying for the coverage you need. It is equally important to consider the risks you face as a unique business, and include coverage for these.


Speak with the experts 


One of the best ways to make your Construction Insurance work for you, is to get advice from the experts.


Contractors Liability has been operating for more than 20 years and our agents are knowledgeable and professional.  We can help you customize your Builder’s Risk policy so that it works for your business.  It doesn’t take long and you will get a policy that gives you the right coverage.


We represent a large network of National and Regional insurers which means you will get your policy at a competitive price. We can also check your General Liability and Workers Compensation to make sure it is classified properly.


Get Construction Insurance essentials


In summary then, implementing the following tips could make your construction insurance work harder for you:


  1. Include Builder’s Risk in your portfolio
  2. Customize your coverage for you business
  3. Speak to the experts at Contractors Liability


Our agents at Contractors Liability can assist you with your Builder’s Risk policy. We’ll make sure you have the right coverage for your business so your insurance works for you. Call Contractors Liability on 866-225-1950 and be ready to take advantage of the future.

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