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Landscapers are continuously creating beautiful landscapes for residential property owners and commercial property owners. The biggest issue is they are working usually on a property where there may be a good amount of traffic. Accidents may happen on the job, which means it’s extremely important to have landscaping insurance if you own a landscaping company.

With Contractors Liability, we can provide you with landscaping insurance for your business.

What is it?

When having landscaping insurance, you’ll be covered for any incident that wrongs a third party that you are at fault for. Not only is an injury to the body covered, but there is much more. If someone walks onto the property and gets injured from a stone flying while you’re weed walking, you will be covered with insurance.

Besides bodily injuries, it covers damages to the property, personal injury, advertising injury, and medical bills. Check out all the landscaping insurance coverages!

The Benefits of Insurance

Running a business comes with some great rewards, but also some annoying costs. When you have landscaping insurance, you’re protecting your business from going under. If someone gets injured on the job you are doing, and you don’t have insurance, this could be the end of your company.

Here at Contractors Liability, we have a proven track record for excellence and a commitment to ensuring landscapers. We offer customized plans that offer claims specific to the trade. If you’re looking for general liability insurance that covers third parties plus insurance that covers your own employees, we can do all of that.

Reminder: if you don’t have insurance, many states will punish you by fining or stripping your right to work. Some clients won’t let you start on a job if you don’t have proof of liability insurance, so it’s always good to have ahead of time.

Contractors Liability

Contractors Liability specializes in providing insurance for handymen, contractors, and landscapers alike. We help businesses customize their plans for coverage that is specific to the trade. Contact Contractors Liability at 866-225-1959 today to get a free quote

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