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Construction company insurance is a broad term. It is not a type of insurance in itself. It encompasses many types of coverage designed to protect your company and your projects.   A provider that specializes in construction insurance will tailor a solution for your company to cover the risks you face. This is the best way to protect the future sustainability of your business. There are many types of coverage available for a construction company.


  1. Builder’s Risk Insurance


Course of Construction Insurance is another name for this construction company insurance.It is property coverage that protects you during the process of construction. It is special insurance as it applies to new buildings and the renovation of existing ones.  This insurance is specific to a project.  It covers all the participants in the project for specified causes of loss.  Most policies include loss from fire, weather and vandalism.  You can extend this to cover other events that could be a risk for your project.


  1. Commercial Auto Insurance


This insurance is not specific to the construction industry.  It covers the vehicles that you use in your business.  These could include trucks, cement mixers, trailers and more. Coverage usually includes liability coverage for expenses if an employee causes an accident in your vehicle.  It also covers physical damage to your vehicles from a range of sources such as an accident or vandalism.  Medical payments and uninsured motorist coverage is generally also included.


  1. Contractors Liability


This construction company insurance is mandatory in most states. Many clients will also ask for proof you have it before they appoint you. It provides liability protection when a third party claims your actions have caused them bodily harm and/or damage to their property.  At Contractors Liability we tailor this coverage for different construction professionals so you get the protection your particular trade needs.  For example, it is made to fit the types of risks you face, whether you are a general contractor, painter, roofer, or carpenter.


  1. Workers Compensation


Liability insurance does not include coverage for your own employees if injured at work.  Therefore, you need Workers Compensation.  This is another form of insurance. It is not only for the construction industry. As an employer, it is mandatory for you to have it. Moreover, iIt assists with medical care costs as well as loss of income for employees in the event of an accident at work.


  1. Errors and Omissions


This insurance is also known as Professional Liability Insurance. As a result, it covers you for claims that you gave bad advice or poor workmanship that resulted in a loss for your client.


Contractors Liability Specializes in Construction Company Insurance


We know the needs of construction companies when it comes to insurance. We have been operating in the industry for many years. Your company is unique and this should be reflected in your insurance.  Our agents are experts and will tailor a solution for your business.  Call Contractors Liability on 866-225-1950.


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