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More Jobs For Contractors Who Can Answer These Questions

A typical client is looking at paying their roofing contractor upwards of $7k for basic 3-tab shingles – so, how can you ease their stress? As such, fair prices and solid work might help. however, will they be enough to get hired?

Potential clients tend to ask their contractors a lot of the same questions. As such, if you prepare yourself with answers, you will jump past the competition and secure more jobs. It’s pretty simple. This article will look at 4 typical questions for roofing contractors – and how to give the best response.

1. Are you fully licensed here? (And can I see proof?)

Roofing contractors’ licensing rules vary drastically between states. Idaho requires little more than registering with the Contractors’ Board, while states like Florida ask you to complete exams and demonstrate experience. It can get complicated, and you need separate licenses for each state. Hence, clients know that some businesses choose to skip all the hassle. It reassures them when you have copies of your licensing close at hand.

2. What kind of training does your crew have?

A prospective customer will likely want to know how you have trained your workers and whether they have been trained by the manufacturer of their particular roofing. Moreover, specific manufacturer training can be a huge confidence boost for clients. further, awareness of your workers’ backgrounds will put your business in a good light from the off – helping you tie down more jobs.

3. Do you hire subcontractors?

If you run a bigger business, you may be asked about whether you use a roofing subcontractor. Thus, if you do, be prepared to produce their credentials and documentation immediately. Furthermore, more contractors mean more questions. Therefore, if you do handle the work yourself, ensure you have easy access to your own documents. As such, this kind of preparation garners clients’ trust, fast.

4. Are you properly insured?

The most frequent questions for roofing contractors are about insurance. Further, they will want to know if you carry workman’s compensation insurance and, vitally, general liability insurance in case of accidents after the workers leave the property.

Proof of general liability insurance is a simple way to dispel doubts and gain the client’s business. Hence, it makes sense: they are in panic mode, dealing with leaky roofs and high potential costs. As such, knowledge of their property’s safety whatever happens leaves clients much more inclined to give your company the job. It will also save you from medical, repair or legal costs should the unfortunate happen.

Be prepared

Clients are filled with doubts when hiring a roofing contractor. Furthermore, they always have questions. As such, if you ready yourself in advance you can avoid being blindsided – and win more jobs.

This starts with sorting out the best certification and insurance coverage. Documents like a sturdy general liability insurance policy will fortify your business against legal damages. They will display your integrity and professionalism. In short: they will get you more clients.

We would like to help you find out more about getting the very best insurance for your business. Call our agents at Contractors Liability on 888-676-0923.

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