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Cheap pest control contractors insurance makes sense. Why pay more for insurance coverage that you don’t need, right? The question is, does cheap liability insurance give you the coverage that you can’t do without?
Cheap pest control insurance can work perfectly for your business, but only if you choose wisely.
In this post, we will explain why any old cheap liability insurance may not be a good choice for your pest control business. We’ll also give you some tips on how to check which cheap liability insurance is good liability insurance.

3 Top Tips to Choosing Cheap Pest Control Insurance

As a pest control business owner, you should be very careful when buying insurance coverage. You may feel tempted to choose the cheapest liability insurance policy. However, unless you’ve done proper research you could one day find out that you’ve bought an insurance policy that doesn’t give you the protection you thought it did.

1. When lack of coverage comes as a surprise

For any small business owner, coverage is a real concern. Cheap insurance may not provide the coverage your business needs. That is why it is important to compare policies and get multiple quotes. Now, not every business owner has the time to compare quotations. We make it easy. Getting the right liability coverage for your pest control company can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. One of our agents will explain how much coverage you need, and which insurance program will cover you at the right rate. Contact Contractors Liability 8662251950 for a free 5-minute quote.

2. Can you afford a high deductible?

A cheap pest control insurance policy usually has a high deductible. For a small pest control business, this can be a real financial blow. When you make a claim, the insurance will fail to make up for the liability. This is a case of saving money now, but paying a lot much more later.

3. Do they treat you right?

Good customer service is a sign of a good insurance company. If your insurance company isn’t giving you good customer service now, will you get good service when you need them most?
Insurance claims can be confusing. A-rated insurance companies know it very well, and they always prioritize customer satisfaction. But this doesn’t have to come at a cost. With the right insurance agent, you can get cheap pest control insurance coverage that pays when you need it most.

Yes, cheap pest control insurance can be good!

Whilst a business owner is always tempted to prioritize cost over coverage this is short sighted. In a pest control business, accidents can happen at any time. Your business uses strong chemicals for extermination and fumigation. Property damage and bodily injury are likely to happen when you least expect it. But this doesn’t mean that the right insurance for your business has to be expensive.

You don’t have to make decisions on your own

Finding the right pest control business insurance can be confusing. What insurance coverage do you need? How do you compare one liability insurance with another if you are not an insurance expert?
The good news is that you can get good, cheap pest control insurance if you know where to look. When choosing an insurance agency, be sure to look for these 2 things:

  • No second rate providers. We work with A-rated carriers
  • Plans are customizable. Don’t pay for coverage you don’t need.

Choosing the right cheap insurance policy for your pest control business shouldn’t be difficult. We are here to help you make an informed decision. Contact Contractors Liability 866-225-1950 for a free quote.

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