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A construction worker who is hurt with no contractors liability insurance from General Contractors InsuranceKnow your contractors liability insurance.

What if your contractor gets into an accident? What If he falls off a ladder while fixing your roof? What If he accidentally gets electrocuted while changing your light bulb? Before anything happens to your contractor or your property, you need to get a contractors liability insurance. Precautions and warnings are not enough to avoid any liability issue. Before anything happens you should know these things:

1.       Know your personal liability.

Take time to read the personal liability insurance on your homeowner’s policy before doing a reconstruction or renovation project. Make sure you are covered in case something unfortunate happens in your property. Major injuries are not usually well-covered. Don’t rely on your umbrella policies to protect you if a contractor gets a major injury. Bottom line is you have to make sure your contractor has a contractors liability insurance.

2.       Know your contractor’s liability insurance.

You should require any contractor you work with to get a contractors liability insurance and you need to ask for proof. Make sure the contractors liability insurance covers the following:

  • Any physical injury or damage the firm causes to your family, you, or your property.
  • Workers compensation in case the contractor gets hurt. Only some states in the country require this for small contractors, so make sure you get to ask your contractor to give you a policy certificate.  You can ask the U.S. Department of Labor if all employers in your state are required to get workers compensation insurance for their employees.
  •  Accidents involving your contractor’s own equipment. This can be falling off his ladder, but if your ladder was used, then it could be considered as your faulty equipment.

3.       Minimize/prevent risks.

Contractors liability insurance is a must have for your protection, but negligence claims can also be an addition to your problems which can lead to court. You can’t control your contractor’s safety habits but you can help prevent risks by cleaning up, taking out the falling branches, moving the things from your driveway before your contractor shows up. Lastly, make sure you hire a contractor with a lot of experience.

To save time, you can ask help from an insurance agent to guide you through. General Contractors Insurance can help you with every step and decisions you have to make and give you the right policies. Get your instant quote now or give us a call at (877)574-8814.

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