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Are you wondering why other contractors are avoiding you on the construction site? Are you getting dirty looks and grumbles every time they pass you? You may not care whether you are popular. You’re on the construction site to do a job, not make friends. But maybe there is more to it. 


We’ve got some suggestions.


This article is a common sense reminder for every contractor working on a construction site, including the general contractor and sub-contractors. Furthermore, if you or are doing any of the following you could be upsetting other contractors or, worse still, be putting visitors, clients and workers in danger.


4 Ways to make yourself unpopular on a construction site


1. Contravene safety protocols

Management and the general contractor put safety protocol in place by  to protect all contractors, workers and third parties. The short story is that you will be putting everyone in danger if safety isn’t your first priority. As such, there are many types of insurance, but the best is always prevention.


How to protect everyone on the job site. A quick reminder:


  • You should never underestimate the importance of applying the recommended safe work methods. This includes the use of body harnesses and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times. Hence, regardless of weather conditions or the time you’ll be spending on the construction site.
  • Since you may be working at heights, any potential likelihood of dropping tools and materials will increase the chances of putting other contractors and third parties at the risk of bodily injury. 
  • Workers are at risk of bodily injury if you do not secure ladders and scaffolds. If you do not guard mechanical equipment and power tools, they are also at risk. You may have taken every precaution, but accidents do happen. Moreover, this is why it is important to provide after-the-incident protection in the form of insurance coverage for bodily injury. Workers Compensation will cover medical expenses. Moreover, your General Liability insurance coverage will cover bodily injury to visitors to the construction site, as well as property damage.  


Disregarding any safety rules will undoubtedly make you unpopular on the construction site. It won’t be long before someone lets you know. 


2. Lack of work site organization

Lack of proper housekeeping skills is frowned upon on construction sites. A contractor who leaves their work area littered with piles of construction waste after every operation will annoy everyone, including the general contractor and the client. Therefore, failure to rid your working area of waste will contribute to site disorganization and safety hazards.


As mentioned before, one of the best types of contractor insurance is prevention. Thus, improper handling and storage of materials such as timber and nails will consequently lead to bodily injuries including cuts, slips, and falls.


Therefore, it is necessary to store all materials and tools away from walkways in the designated storage areas, in an orderly manner. If someone receives injury, your Contractor Insurance will provide coverage for general liability.


3. Unauthorized work

A contractor who carries out any works that have not been authorized by the general contractor or client will be taken to be over-stepping. Infringing on the general contractor’s and other contractors’ duties and disregarding the terms of their contract, will make you really unpopular on the construction site.


Failure to follow the recommended approval protocol for any revisions and change management often results in reworks, claims and disputes, material wastage, poor scope management and, at times, even the suspension of the contractor from the site.


It is crucial not to contravene the management hierarchy and contract documents in any construction project.


4. Personal misconduct and unlawful behavior

There are basic principles of conduct expected from all contractors and workers on every construction site. As such, some are expressly stated, while others are generally implied at every job site.


Contractors who take part in any illegal activities, will be evicted from site, and sometimes prosecuted. For instance, if a contractor is accused of theft of materials and equipment from the site, they will undeniably be unpopular on site, and reduce their chances of being hired for future projects. 


Possession and use of illicit drugs, as well as working under the influence of alcohol, are some of the unacceptable practices on construction sites. Moreover, drugs impair judgment and affect the productivity, workmanship, and safety of the contractor and everyone else working on the site.


Other instances include: 

  • Incompetence.
  • Poor work delivery.
  • Violation of rights.
  • Negligence of duties.


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