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Do I need inland marine insurance? What is it for?

In the United States, inland marine insurance compensates the losses to equipment and other types of property which will be specifically discussed in this article. Inland marine insurance was known as ocean marine insurance covering a variety of types of property such as solar panels, construction equipment, medical equipment, cameras, and other more.

Usually, inland marine insurance companies cover cargo that are on international voyages by sea giving coverage or protection from risks. These risks can be physical damage or loss not unless it is not on the policy. Inland marine insurance is also known as floaters since the use of the insurance is to cover property thats is literally and essentially floating. This type of policy has grown to include property that is only through a certain kind of transportation.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “although there are no standard forms in inland marine insurance, most contracts follow a typical pattern.” They are normally made on a named-peril basis with the coverage for such perils of transportation as natural disasters, collision or derailment. The policy does not cover losses caused by strike or riot, war, delay of delivery or shipments, illegal trade or breakage or leakage.

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