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Get to know contractors liability insurance

What happens if your contractor gets into an accident by falling off a ladder while fixing the roof? Sometimes, precautions are not enough to avoid the liability issues which can lead to lawsuits and financial loss. Before this happens, you need to know why you should get a contractors liability insurance. Get to know what your personal liability is. Take time to read the liability insurance on your policy before doing a repair or reconstruction in your house. Make sure you have coverage in case something unfortunate happens in your property.

You also need to know your contractor’s liability insurance. You should always require your contractors to have a liability insurance and you need to ask for a document for proof. Also askif they have workers compensation to cover their medical costs in case of mishaps. U.S. Department of Labor usually requires employers to get this policy for their workers.

To minimize the risks, contractors liability insurance can protect you but negligence in claims can also be an additional problem which can lead to lawsuits. Another thing you can do is to prepare before starting with the renovations. Clean up and take away anything that can cause an accident.

Lastly, hire a professional contractor to work on your house.

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