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General Liability Insurance for Contractors is still one of the most important forms of coverage you can have.  Covid-19 has introduced additional uncertainty into an industry that is already characterized by risk. However, at least two things still remain the same. This includes maintaining a safe site is as important as ever, and accidents do still happen.


Will General Liability Insurance for Contractors Assist with Covid-19?


One of the damages General Liability Insurance covers is bodily injury. In other words, if a person is hurt as a result of something your company has done, they may sue you. It is possible that lawsuits may arise in the future claiming a person contracted Covid-19 because of your actions (or lack of action). The purpose of Liability insurance, however, is to assist with your legal defense as well as settlement costs in claims of bodily injury.


What other coverage does General Liability Insurance for Contractors provide?


In general, this coverage protects your business when another person sues you for damage to property and/or bodily injury to another person.  We mention bodily injury above.  Furthermore, the other damages it assists with are:


  • Property Damage. A person may sue if you damage his property. There are many examples of this in the construction industry.  It can be for something relatively small like breaking the window of a neighbor. Moreover, it could be an expensive accident like flooding the building site and causing extensive damage.


  • Harm to Reputation.  You may be sued for libel or slander.  Perhaps you have spoken badly about another company and they claim their reputation was harmed, leading to a loss in business. Consequently, they could sue you for damages.


  • Advertising / Marketing mistakes.  There are many mistakes you could make with your advertising.  An example would be the use of a brand that you do not have written permission to use.  Another could be an advert that is very similar to that of another company. Furthermore, they can sue you because of these mistakes.


  • Medical payments.  A person can sustain a minor injury at your place of work.  It is not significant and doesn’t lead to a lawsuit, but you’ll need to pay certain medical care costs.  General Liability insurance will pay these costs. As such, our best advice is to ask your insurance company to assess whether yours includes Covid-19 damages.


Exclusions to General Liability


General Liability policies always have exclusions.  Furthermore, it is important to always read what your specific policy does not pay.  As such, many policies won’t pay the following:


  • Injuries to employees (Workers Compensation covers this. It is mandatory)
  • Professional mistakes
  • Coverage for your vehicles
  • Punitive damages
  • Intentional acts
  • Poor workmanship


Speak with us for your General Liability Insurance for Contractors


Contractors Liability specializes in coverage for builders and other contractors. As such, we can assess your coverage to see how you stand in terms of Covid-19 coverage. Furthermore, we will advise on your next steps. Call Contractors Liability on 866-225-1950. Moreover, you’ll be sure you can protect your business in these uncertain times.


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