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In most states, contractors are required to have general contractor’s insurance before they start on any job. It’s a silly thing not to have general contractor’s insurance because if something goes wrong on the job, it could mean the end of your business if you’re not covered.

This is why any business or individual in need of a contracted job done such as plumbing, roofing, painting, etc. will need general contractor’s insurance to cover them. You never want to hire someone without this insurance because it could be a tell-tale sign of how their company runs. Will they do a good job? Will they cut corners? These are important things to ask yourself if you’re hiring someone to get a job done.

The Need for General Contractor’s Insurance

For example, if you’re a plumber or a plumbing contractor, you’re going to want to have plumber’s liability insurance. When you step into a building or home with a job to do, you should be prepared in the event of an accident. Having General Contractor’s Insurance with Contractors Liability, you’ll be covered if something happens on the jobsite.

The Consequences of Not Having General Contractor’s Insurance

If you’re gambling without having general contractor’s insurance, you’ll be sorry when a problem arises such as an injury or other accident on the job or caused by your job.

Here are the consequences:

  • Risk of Incurring Huge Losses due to a Lawsuit Increases
  • Responsible for any damages you’re liable for if you’re being sued and you lose
  • Clients reluctant to hire you
  • Bad look for business and can hurt future job opportunities

Here are the benefits of having general contractor’s insurance:

  • You will have financial security in your business and personal life
  • It will cover the cost of your legal defense in a lawsuit
  • You’ll avoid bankruptcy if you are sued
  • You’ll meet state requirements to work
  • Client’s will feel confident in hiring you
  • Other businesses and contractors will hire you and not worry

Businesses that Should Have General Contractor’s Insurance

Independent contractors need some sort of insurance in order to have a successful business on all ends and avoid going under or bankrupt due to lawsuits and legal issues. If you’re a construction contractor, plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, handyman and repair contractor, carpet cleaner, etc., you’ll absolutely need to have some sort of insurance. General Contractor’s Insurance is something you should acquire.

How Do I Get General Contractor’s Insurance?

When choosing the appropriate insurance agency to get the right policy for your business, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Consider the Cost of Insurance
  • Will the insurance package cover all your company needs?
  • Do they have flexibility on different policies?
  • What should be included in my insurance policy?

These are all important questions to ask when looking for the right insurance agency. At Contractors Liability, we can assure that you’ll get the proper general contractor’s insurance policy with us. We can provide you with the necessary policy to fit your needs. We recommend getting general contractor’s insurance because it will give you confidence and success in your future business opportunities. You won’t have to worry so much about accidents or mistakes that occur because you’ll be covered by your insurance with us.

If you’re a contractor, don’t hesitate to grab that insurance that you need. Before your next job, contact us at 866-225-1950 today to get the appropriate general contractor’s insurance.




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