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Word of mouth marketing is very powerful. But, when someone tells me, Don’t buy that roofing company insurance! then I want to know why. If you are like me and like to do your research before investing in a product or a service, you’ll be looking for answers to questions like:


  1. What roofing company insurance are you talking about?
  2. Who is giving this advice or review?


I’m motivated by a common fear. I am scared I have bought the wrong roofing company insurance. Is it going to cost me? I don’t want to find my roofing business facing financial losses that could have been avoided by buying the right coverage.


Face your fears


I’m not the kind of person who makes impulse decisions. I like to be prepared. So, let’s unpack this insurance called Builder’s Risk and see how it stacks up to our 3 questions.


If I was told not to buy a Builder’s Risk policy, I’d be sure to check it out. I mean, as a roofing company owner I face risks every single day. Roofing is one of the most dangerous trades, so bodily injury is the first risk that comes to mind. The second one is being sued by a third part for property damage or bodily injury. This is why we have General Liability Insurance. But what don’t you know?


QUESTION 1: What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?


Builder’s Risk Insurance is also called course of construction insurance. This is important to know because it tells you exactly what the policy is about. When you add Builder’s Risk to your Roofing Contractor Insurance, it will only be for the duration of a specific project you are working on. Why is this important? It means that you will not carry the cost of this policy when you are not working on a project.

But this doesn’t explain what Builder’s Risk is, right?


Builder’s Risk insurance is designed to protect buildings and structures that are under construction. For instance, you could be roofing an existing building that is being renovated, or a new ground-up structure. Both of these would qualify.


What coverage?


The purpose of your roofing contractor insurance is to protect your business from financial loss. Builder’s Risk does not cover you for third party claims. What is does offer is protection from financial loss as a result of things that go wrong with the actual building you are roofing or re-roofing.

Coverage can protect you from financial losses like these:


  • repairing damage to existing buildings and structures
  • re-erecting scaffolding that has fallen
  • project delay penalties and fines
  • loss of profits
  • costs of replacing stolen roofing materials or tools
QUESTION 2:  Who is giving this advice or review?


Always evaluate the source of the advice. This is important because it might just be from a contractor who has had a bad experience with their roofing contractor insurance company. It could also be one of those click bait articles that don’t actually answer your questions but are just there to sell you something.


If the information is coming from a well-established Roofing Company Insurance company that has 5 star reviews and good customer testimonials then you are on the right track, For instance, Contractors Liability specializes in contractor insurance and so has a lot to lose if they give bad advice.

Don’t trust rumors about roofing company insurance


For more information about Builder’s Risk insurance, speak with the experts at Contractors Liability. We give straight advice without charge and get you the best rates. Call 866-225-1950

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