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There’s no doubt social distancing makes life hard for painting businesses.  But our lockdown insurance advice will help you strengthen yours from home.  An industry worth $41 billion isn’t going anywhere. There’s a slump now, but when you return, you’ll want your company running as effectively as possible.


You can start achieving this today by reviewing your insurance plan while you have time to spare. So, let’s go through 5 key pieces of lockdown insurance advice for painters.



  • Workers Comp is Vital



Because painters usually work up on ladders, the possibility of someone getting hurt is high. 2016 saw 3,530 painter injuries. With ever-bigger sites, this will certainly keep growing.

Whether for your employees or yourself, Workers Comp offsets some of the risk painters face. Falls, for example, make up 25% of workplace accidents. Kneeling, stretching and awkward bending leave painters open to all kinds of injuries.  Workers Comp pays medical bills and lost wages after a workplace accident. This insurance is also mandatory in many states. You may struggle to find clients or general contractors if you don’t have this coverage.


Contractors Liability focuses exclusively on contractors, so we know exactly what painting companies need. We’ll share lockdown insurance advice to keep your company safe.



  • Think Again on Builder’s Risk Insurance



Your equipment isn’t usually covered by Painters Insurance.  Thankfully, Builder’s Risk Insurance is designed for this. It can safeguard your gear and materials from external damages from weather, fire and crime.  Theft is common on building sites. With designer paints running over $100 a gallon, painters have to be really wary of their property.


Contractor Liability’s expert professionals know every market in the US. We can help you design a zero-fat policy that leaves no gaps in your coverage.



  • Prepare for Accidents



Though painters don’t do ‘heavy’ work, you can still inflict expensive damages on the property.

Minor mistakes can escalate. A spot of paint on a shoe or a misplaced ladder bumping a TV could equal huge losses if you’re not insured. General Liability Insurance is required in some states for licensing. But sometimes, painting contractors overlook this coverage. Even if you carry a policy, if it’s not suited for your business you could lose money in the long run.

Contractors Liability represents 18 different insurance companies, large and small, so we can help you find unique coverage with limits based on your specific business.



  • Check if You Need Commercial Auto



Before getting back to work, a useful piece of lockdown insurance advice is to double-check that you have cover for your too.  This is another coverage painters often miss. If you’re using your van for work purposes andhave an accident, your personal insurance may be void.

It’s best to check your policy and consider whether you need additional Commercial Auto coverage.  Talk to us if you are not sure.



  • Connect With the Best Agent



To be at home when your work involves going to other people’s is frustrating.

But with our lockdown insurance advice, you can look forward to a bright future for your painting business by saving big-time on your risk management plan.


Lockdown Insurance Advice From Contractors Liability


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