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Even if you carry out  all the necessary risk assessments to reduce the possibilities of a claim, chances are accidents to third parties may happen. It is just something you have to we aware of if your business deals with individuals visiting your premises or your employees have contact with the public. Someone gets injured when you least expect it, while in your shop looking or slips on the wet stairs in your office. In cases like this the third party will file a claim that you will have to pay for and the costs could be so high that your whole business may be ruined financially.  If you have your public liability insurance you do not have to worry as it is meant to protect your business in such difficult situations. You should know accidents happen all the time and it does not really matter if you own a small business or a big company, it is always possible that one of your employees causes damage in your customer`s home or that someone leaves a cable in the office and a visitor trips over.  Public liability insurance is a must and it covers medical expenses, hospital and rehabilitation, loss of earnings and all the legal expenses that both you and the third party might have.  What are the steps you need to do when you need to claim on your public liability insurance?

  • Look through your public liability insurance documents to see if it covers you in that particular incident.
  • Contact your insurance agent or insurance company as they will know if the policy covers you against a claim. They will also give you further advice about your next steps.
  • Always make sure you do everything to prevent things from getting even worse – call an ambulance if someone is injured and do not pay or offer to pay compensation without consulting  your lawyer.
  • In case you receive any emails or letters from the claimant`s lawyer do not respond but inform your insurance agent immediately. You must act quickly in situations like this and inform your insurer of the accident.
  • Finally, if your public liability insurance is valid and you pay your premiums on time then there is nothing more  you have to do but leave it to your insurance company.  Your only worry might be how to put safety procedures on higher levels within your business.
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