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Over 150,000 accidents occur every year on construction sites. Choosing the right Contractor Insurance Company to cushion your risk is a priority. Protection comes from having the best insurance coverage for your business and project.


In the construction industry, millions of dollars are lost because of workplace accidents. Being underinsured is only one problem. It leaves your business open to major financial loss. Contractor Insurance and General Liability for Contractors are crucial in helping you lessen your financial risk.


7 Point Checklist

Finding a suitable insurance agent is a lot easier than you think. In this article, let’s look at 7 points to consider when choosing your Contractor Insurance Company.



  • Free No Obligation Quotes


Your insurance agent should provide free, no-obligation quotes. Ideally, at least 3 different quotes for you to compare.


  • A Quick Quote Turnaround

It’s essential your insurance agent offers a quick turnaround time for your quotes. After all, no quote, no cover, and no chance of starting your project. Remember, delays cost you money.


  • Affordability

Cost-effective or affordable insurance is something a good insurance provider will offer. Otherwise you could pay twice as much for Contractor’s Insurance than necessary. That puts a dent on your overhead expenses and ultimately impacts your profits. You can’t afford to miss out on affordable Contractor’s Insurance. The right Contractor Insurance Company will offer affordable yet adequate cover.


  • Licensed In All 50 States

Your insurance provider needs to be licensed in all 50 states. No matter where you are, you can contact them. For example, you’re primarily based in New York but occasionally work in New Jersey. When an accident occurs across state lines, you can claim with no state boundaries to worry about.


  • Speaking Your Language

If English isn’t your first language, its vital your insurance company offers bilingual speakers. For instance, you understand English but prefer to speak in Spanish. It might be difficult to have your claim processed if there is a language barrier. The right Contractor Insurance Company will have bilingual agents ready to talk to you.


  • Good Customer Service

Customer support keeps policyholders feeling cared for. For example, an incident has occurred and before you make a claim you want to speak to someone to clarify things. You make a call to customer support.  They clear the matter up and initiate the claims process.


  • A Good Reputation

You can put your trust in a Contractor Insurance Company if their reputation is exceptional. For instance, an insurer has a reputation for increasing premiums without proper notification. While it’s not fair, it has been known to happen.  Choosing a good and reputable insurance agent will take this headache away.


A Contractor Insurance Company You Can Trust

Contractors Insurance protects you and your business against financial loss due to incidents at work. Let Contractors Liability find you the right insurance coverage by calling us at 888-676-0923 for a FREE no-obligation quote.


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